Which form should the Blood Moon Werebat take?

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I'm sure it's well within the realm of potentialities that both of these unique forms could be introduced into the game at some point.
This did also factor into my own decision. I like them both, as everyone seems to, but for the title of "Blood Form" the first illustration just aligned better, mentally, to me. I might anticipate that later on down the road there could be another "secret" challenge/event which would reward the other form which I might just refer to as the "Bone Form" from here on out, at least within my own mind. :unsure:

But i see something else something just as rare as the Blood Moon Bat.....monsterous raw power.

The New Moon Bat. A form achieved by sheer willpower from within. A form of a grotesque nature commanding the land and skies without the power of the moon all while covered in a viel of darkness, enemies being decimated before they even knew what happened.

So my vote?

Rare Blood Moon Bat #1
An appeal for a Rare New Moon Bat #2

I agree with people calling to save concept #2.

For the blood moon bat, I like the look of #1 because it seems more magical. It has dignity to the look. I don't know if it is the pose, but almost looks like the wings could be a cape or robe.

But I am very drawn to the look of the #2 concept (bone or new moon form). This feels like a physical bat form. I am not sure what lore could lead to this but could be cool to develop a bat for each state.

With the vampire being a jack of all trades, maybe have a bat form that represents a focus on the physical, magical and essential.
I forgot who said it in the Discord already but someone said Form 2 is just the Doom Slayer and it lives in my brain now
I said it hahaha !

I was making the comparison between the 2 forms.
Actually I haven't said anything there soon here's a little post.

I've voted for the first form, the artwork make the wings looks like clothes/cape like I've said on Discord. The form looks like a noble and majestic creature. In a way, even if you turn in a werebat you stay classy.

The second form is more demonic looking, brutal in his design. It feel more like a beast for me, which is good but in my opinion I feel that the blood moon must empower what's already there, magnify it.

In the end I like both design, I just prefer to look like a god bat than a demonic beast. I just hope that maybe we'll get the other form because they're both really cool + more customisation is always good.
1 looks like an animal. even more-so than the regular werebat. If the difference between the werebat and the blood moon werebat is that it can use magic then it makes no sense to me that the form would look more animal than the regular one. 2 looks like a mix between a human and a bat with a lot more focus on the human aspect which would make a better magical casting werebat form IMO.
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It was a though one but i ended up chosing form 2.

Form 1 seems more magical and even somewhat "noble" even with the decaying features, while form 2 looks more savage and mostrous.

My issue is that the blood moon is something that is vaguely mentioned but it'unclear what exactly happens when a vampire is exposed to it's energy.

So what is a blood moon? what link it with vampires and in which ways? how it resonates with their bodies and minds and why? where does it's energy come from? what powers and abilities does it grants?

It's difficult to chose not knowing the contest, just to make a couple examples:

form 1 looks more refined so it would fit for some type of fancy type of magic like a magical barrier or improved telekinesis

form 2 at the opposite would fit better for something more nasty and brutal like a massive energy attack or controlling acid blood that can melt enemies alive

so depending from the type of magic and abilities i could see better one over the other, not to mention the contest that the blood moon would pose

let's say that is a special type of moon that increase the vampire strength over the charts but it also increase their savageness and their thirst for blood so much that even their allies are wary of them during that time, wouldn't form 2 fit more since it look more savage looking?

or maybe it's like a moon that make them closer to their godess making them more calm, cold, calculating and capable of unlashing their full power being fully in control of evewrything and everyone around them, in that case a more noble looking and less ferocious form would fit more

In the end since i'm not sure i decided to vote just by the look and the "vibes". The second picture gives me a more lovecraftian vibe (and if i am not mistaken lovecraft work has a huge influence in this game) and in general it seems more fitting a horror/dark fantasy game (well form 1 too, but less to me compared to form 2).

Also i disagree on the fact that form 2 is not looking good for a werebat capable of using magic because:

1- You could explain the deformities by the fact that the vampire body is unable to cope to the massive amount of row power/energy it receive from the blood moon and for this reason it's undead flesh begin to warp and mutate under it's influence.

2- If you think about it is the most horrifying and yet somehow the most unsettling "human" looking form (in all the possible wrong ways)
It's teeth shape resembles the vampire in the movie Nosferatu and more importantly it's the only form has somethin similar to hair giving it almost a "witch" looking figure, who are obviously heavy associated with magic.
I keep going back and forth. The 1st is a lot sleeker and feels like an apex predator while the 2nd is more intimidating and feels like a savage monster. You'd look cooler in the 1st form but I know I'd be more hesitant to go toe to toe against the 2nd. Screw it, in Deadhaus its better to be feared than admired.
Form 2 definitely looks more like something transformed into a bat-like creature, form 1 is more of a monster that evolved to look that way IMO.

Not sure which is more relevant for a blood moon transformation, but my vote goes for #2 since it seems more like an alternate form of something already horrible.
2 looks like a mix between a human and a bat with a lot more focus on the human aspect which would make a better magical casting werebat form IMO.
Who ever said that in Malorum something had to be human/human-like to be more attuned to magic?
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Who ever said that in Malorum something had to be human/human-like to be more attuned to magic?
Well, the lore of the vampire and the blood moon bat suggests it. The vampire is able to cast blood magic. The werebat is not able cast blood magic. If a creature in a human form can cast magic and the same creature in an more animalistic form is not able to cast magic then it stands to reason that the ability to cast magic is either tied somehow to the human form or suppressed by the animal form. Therefore having even more animal-like for as the magic-casting form doesn't really make sense.

If we look at the broader picture we can see that the four classes that are attuned to the magikal realm are the Liche, the Vampire, the Banshee and the Wraith. All of them are somewhat closely resembling humans. The more bestial classes - the Ghoul and the Wight are tied to the Essential realm and they do not have the ability to cast magic or at least - not well. The werebat is an essence card for the vampire hence why he looks more bestial and also is not able to cast magic. The bloodmoon bat having the ability to cast magic would be an essence/magikal mix card hence why it would be logical for the transformation to resemble the magikal type creatures more than the essence type creatures more than the pure essence transformation hence it should look more humanoid than bestial.
While the first option is visually more appealing, and more nostalgic, the second option seems more original and accurate as to how a humanoid's magical bat form would appear.
I really like form 1 but form 2 still looks good tho but i don't like the hair.
Perhaps it would be less off-putting if it was portrayed closer to fur (more like a real bat)?

I agree that the hair in this specific image is unappealing, but I do like the idea of humanesque hair contributing a monstrous/human feel (which seems to be the intent here?).
A shame form 2 is so far behind. I like my monsters more monstrous.
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Wow we managed to get 80 votes this time around... :D
The trickle will swell to a stream, then babble into a brook, run into a river, and turn into a tide.
The community is gonna grow vast as release approaches, then when everyone is aware of Deadhaus, the total following will be an ocean.
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