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Apr 17, 2020
First, I'd like to ask do we know how combat will work in Deadhaus? If we do, then this thread might be obsolete and serve no purpose and anyone who so see fit can fill out how it works below!

I like the combat in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, mainly because it is not a mindless bottom smashing, as it ends up you dying more than actually survivng the encounter but the combat in Dark Souls is actually not hard because of tough or aggressive NPCs or damage sponges, It is considered hard becasue it requires attention and awareness, If you don't pay heed to your surroundings then you are at a distant disadvantage but once you do, your chances increases for progressing further into the game.

As undead beings in the game, our advantages are well beyond that of our human foes but even with this, mistakes should be fatal and lessons should be learnt the hardway. The combat should be fair indeed (which it is in Dark Souls and Bloodborne) but it should also provide with a sense of danger from even the most lowest soldier in the human armies, a sword, or axe even wayward hurts and it should.

Ranged attacks from humans should stop casting of spells or possible wall-climbing (or flying!) if the projectiles hit the undead flesh and bones which causes the player to pay attention to the enemies around him or her.

"But vampires are power fantasy!" Indeed! And it should indeed be so, but I believe that with actual skillful play – knowing when to dodge, deflect, brace or shield, side-step and when to attack and when to restrain from doing so would indeed not only make the combat more about keeping the attention-span on the combat but also rewarding skillful play when you have finally learnt how to and when to attack and when not to.

In Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, Doomguy is indeed a powerful character but his power comes from his speed and agility to absorb demonic souls to replenish ammo and health and armor and not to withstand damage (when you play on higher difficulties) and imp will burn through your armor and health in one hit.

What i am saying is that I think we need a sense of danger and respect for the enemies that we fight, we are indeed by abilites far more powerful then the human cattle but mistakes should be punishing and fatal but while still remaining true to the differences of the classes.

My understanding of the revenants is such that their power increase WHEN they take damage and with that it should be a risk and reward, skillful play reward hard hitting direct damage and bad play result in death instead, that a fine line of power and death is a constant occurence for the class. You take a massive hit from a boss and your character gets enraged but if you become too greedy in an attempt to get more power and you fail, that's it – risk and reward!

Vampires are swift and agile, They dance around their foes while cutting them to pieces and draining them of their life force but a mistake should be felt, if the player is good enough he or she recovers and resumes the morbid dance of death while a less skilled player panics and faces death.

What I like about Dark Souls and Bloodborne is that failure encourges you to become better, it encourges you to think about your next approach and remember how and when the enemy attacked, but it is also important to know I think that the roles are basically reversed in Deadhaus, We are basically playing the bosses as we have abilites and powers that could either make a recovery but if we fail such recovery the roles are reserved.

What I will say next, will definitely make some sour and I will definitely earn both dislike and thumbs downs, but players are not equals, some of us are better, we learn quicker, we learn faster and the secret to such is that we want to learn the system.

I want to have a combat system that rewards skillful play and punishes the less skillful!
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Mallius Odium
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Mar 28, 2019
I would generally prefer Devil May Cry/Bayonetta/MGR Revengeance style of combat system(spectacle fighters) to the ones in the soulslike games. On normal level difficulties this kind of combat system is a bit more forgiving against weaker enemies while still keeping that need to be aware of your surroundings. The subbosses and bosses are really the big events that they have to be and they really put you on edge with some of them requiring more of a tactical approach while keeping the need for pattern recognition. Most importantly - it is a lot faster and it is also more of a power-fantasy type of combat system. Spectacle fighters are generally harder to pull off though. Generally I would be glad if the combat system allows for a wide range of gameplay style variety and requires attention and skill to be good at it without going into the frustration territory.