Feb 12, 2021
One of my main hopes for deadhause sonata is it will deliver high into building relationships between npcs. The witcher 3 did a great job presenting that. Where you talk to the npc, choose dialogues, and make a decision where it can lead with your reputation towards them. This will deliver life like content into the game and I think many people will enjoy it. Doesn't mean to make conversations with the npc very long but enough to dive your own emotions, possible favorite, and admiration to the characters. One another good idea is to have those particular npcs battle help you through questlines or even give hints upon the secret hidden areas of the game..making you figure out the puzzle a little bit easier. Lastly you know the witcher 3 has a thing called " Besitary" and you can basically read more information about the characters people you meet throughout the game including updates as you progress through it. A very great addon to have in deadhause aswell. However I would also like to say that its also important to know the lore behind each npc..what's there story backround what do they dislike like towards things. This will absolutely give the player a realistic driven experience with deadhause and less confusion in case they miss something or would like to know more about particular people. 👍