Havoc And Malice
Old World
Apr 7, 2021
This may have already been talked about before but I couldn't find it, sorry if it already has.

I was thinking, since we will have Void, Chaos, other planes/dimensions, Angels and Demons etc, would we be able to use these Outer Powers to change our characters either via corruption, pacts or other means?

Such thing could bring interesting and rather unique mechanics to the game that I don't think I've seen before, changing appearance, powers, death states/trinary system etc, we could have to sacrifice our other characters/other players, Brand NPCs or players like in Berserk, make peregrinations to different realities to obtain forbidden forms/knowledge/power and etc.

I understand it would be something for the far future of the game, it at all possible, but could be interesting and possibly the only game with this feature.