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Jul 1, 2020
Here you go bois :)
- Is hard to fill up with only left mouse button melee attacks, by no means impossible, just hard. ( But it does make sense, if this is depicting us as the lowest level without any skills or gear/items available )

Mist Form:
- You can still " Mist Dodge " while having been knocked down by a Spearman's charge attack.

- I like that the moment you activate the " Mist Form Dodge skill " your eyes will glow Blue for the duration of the skill.

- I would still claim that the range is to short for this to be used in any other way that a healing spell at the moment.

- As long as you started using Exsanguinate before a Spearman's Charge Attack hits you, and as long as you continue to hold down Q you will continue to drain the target(s) of the spell regardless when ever or not you will be knocked down by a Spearman's Charge Attack.

- You can interrupt Exsanguinate mid drain by Pressing F and activating a Finisher if an enemy besides you who is in the process of getting drained gets the Finisher Icon above their head, if you then press F you will stop draining the enemy and start using the Finisher on them.

- I find myself using quick tap Telekinesis a lot ( within the allowed range of my mana pool ) and almost never using the Fully Charged version of it, it's simply to mana intensive without much more benefit compared to a quick tap.

- During Wave 24 just after I used a Quick Tap Telekinesis Attack on 3 Legionnaires, my game froze at the exact moment my attack hit and stripped them of armor, around 3-5 seconds later my game crashed.

- I alt tapped the moment I entered the arena and waited for more than 1 minute after the arena had already loaded before I alt tapped back in, and it was at that exact moment the bell rang ( it's suppose to ring out the moment the arena is ready correct ? ) alt tapping delays the Audio.

- Alt tapping during the Vampire Bat Reveal Event will still delay the sound for however long you are alt tapped and it's playing, for example If I alt tap for 2 seconds then there will be a 2 second on the Audio, for example the bat lands out of sink with the visual, it roars out of sync etc.

- Picking up a Loot Card just before you run over the rune to activate the next Wave will still delay the start of that Wave until the Voice line is played, just like it did for the last few patches.

- Picking up several Loot Cards in a row at the end of a wave will result in the delay of the next wave by how ever long it takes to play those voice lines, there for I would like to suggest that instead of just delaying the next Wave, start it, and then having the voice lines be played at the beginning of the next Wave.

- It's possible to stand at such a spot that you will pick up a Loot Card the moment it drop, so you won't have a chance of knowing what Loot Card was just picked up. Which is frustrating, do to it often results in you picking up a new weapon which you were not planning to do.

- Pressing Esc right after picking up a Loot Card will make it spin around a very high speed like a Bay Blade while the game is paused.

- Weapons you are already using can Drop, this is kind of redundant and disappointing. ( it makes perfect sense that stuff like this will happen when the actual game is out, and we can play with other people and can trade or sell items )

- I really like the new finisher.

- The voice lines after the finishers are good addition to the game.

- Finishers can no longer be performed while in the Ethereal Realm.

- You can pick up loot cards while a Finisher is being performed.

- The way blood squirts out of the chest after a Legionnaire have had his heart removed looks okay, it does however looks like it comes out every 2-3 seconds, almost as if it was pushed out with a heart beat, which of cause is impossible, do to their heart just having been removed...

- I killed a Legionnaire who had the " Finisher Icon " above his head, and it took around 1 second after he was already dead before the icon disappeared.

- Before a Finisher was over a Spearman Knocked me down with his Charge Attack and a Centurion even used his Bless Attack, It is absolutely unfair that the enemies can move and attack before I have an option to even move or do anything else.

- I activated a finisher, my character was standing around 2 meters to the side of the Legionnaire clawing at the ground while the body was getting mauled and the head later exploded. I just barely managed to take a screen shot of the out of sync Finisher. ( you can see my characters left leg in the screen shot )
Edit: I have now had 3 Finishers where my character was not standing in the correct place while the Finisher was being executed. 1 time with the original heart pulling Finisher, twice with the mauling Finisher.

- Half way through a Finisher 2 Legionnaires started hitting me with their swords, one even decided to go in front of the camera blocking the view.

- just after a Centurion started his Bless Attack but before it landed on his sword I managed to start a Finisher on a Legionnaire, this made me immune to the Knockdown.

- I am a Huge fan of Finishers filling up your Health and Mana Meter and not just being pure fan service but having an actual in game effect/reason to use them.

- I ran up to 2 Legionnaires and started hitting the first one, around 1 second later both of the Legionnaires had the Finisher Icon above their heads even though I had not done any damage to one of them, after I had finished the first Legionnaire with a Finisher the second one no longer had the Icon above his head.
- Edit: I have had this happen 3 times now.

- I managed to Activate a Finisher while already having been knocked down by a Spearman's Charge Attack while laying on the ground besides the Legionnaire with the Finisher Icon above his head.

- Sometimes the moment a Legionnaire enters the Arena he will momentarily have the Finisher Icon above his head.

- Toggle Strafe On and Off is now back!

- While watching the Bat Form fly away at the end of the Reveal Event my character was in the shot: While he was standing there it looked like the gloves he had on was unequipped and then reequipped 2 times over the span of a few seconds. ( the wave before I did pick up a Loot Card with for the Gloves )

- Just after I was struck by a Centurions Bless Attack was hit by other Legionnaires and it pushed me from Physical Realm over in the Ethereal Realm, but I barely had any mana left so It almost instantly pushed me over in the Ethereal Realm, mechanically, but not visually, visually I am in the Physical Realm in my Ethereal Form. I took a Screen shot of it.
- Edit: This have now happened a 2 time.
- Edit: This have now happened a 3 time.

- Often a Centurion will refused to move around after a Bless Attack this seems to happen when a Bless Attack Results in you getting Pushed out of the Physical Realm.

- After having been knocked down by a Spearman's Charge Attack I was unable to move away from the spot I was knocked down in, however, instead my character continued to make invisible auto left mouse button attack ( there was no attack animations ) I even removed my hands from the keyboard and mouse and the attacks still continue to happen.
- Edit: I was the struck by another Spearman's Charge Attack and From that moment on I could move again and the auto attacks stopped.

- Just after re-entering the Physical Realm after having been in the Essential Realm both Shield Units was running away with their backs turned to me and they continued to run away for several seconds even after I came back to the Physical Realm ( where the 4 Legionnaires was waiting for me to re-emerge and attacked me within seconds )

- I encountered a Shield Unit that was holding his shield in an odd angle while his arm was lifted up, the shield did not glow blue when he activated the shield ability, and It even knocked me down to ground when I struck him with my sword, so the ability must have been active, there just wasn't a visual indicator that it was. Sadly I did not manage to get a Screen Shot of it.

- While alt tapped and writing feedback for this Patch my game crashed.

- Started the game up, loaded in the Arena, activated the 1 Wave by running over the Rune, then proceeded to run towards the elevator and smashing pots on the way ( because why not ) and then my game crashed ( with the same crash message we always get ) in the same spot as where I crashed in Patch 0.1.21 2 weeks ago when I did the exact same thing. I uploaded a Screen Shot of the Crash Info and the Screen Shot from Patch 0.1.21
- Edit: Booted up the Demo again and tried running up to the elevator without activating the Rune, this time the game did not crash.


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As this is the last patch before the demo goes down I would like to focus on general feedback on the combat rather than specific bugs. I am aware that this is a demo and not a final product but because of that I also think it is important to be honest about its flaws.

Currently the general feeling of the combat is that it is too physics driven and there isn't really enough control in the hands of the player. That seems to be the reason enemies are really easy to dispatch when they do not have any armor but having armor makes them invulnerable or almost invulnerable to knock downs which makes them a slog to deal with. There isn't enough telegraphing for incoming attacks in order to be able to dodge and most of the time there isn't really anything to do to control the battlefield except of spamming telekinesis. The victory of a battle often comes down to if you are able to knock down the enemies before they knock down you and you do get knocked down really easily even during dodges.

Melee combat in particular feels really bad because you can swing at your enemies repeatedly without them really reacting when they have armor on. As most enemy attacks are in melee range you are also in most danger when doing so. And honestly - for what? The light attacks are weak, the heavy do not fair much better and, there isn't really any utility you can do in melee range and there isn't any interesting combo mechanics to allow you to do different types of attacks that might have different effects. The only redeeming feature of melee range combat is the executions which are really useful but their animation takes a little bit too much time. They opportunity to execute an enemy is also really inconsistent - sometimes you would get several enemies in a row in that state and other times they seem to just die without entering it. The dodges being tied to the realm shift key causes constant accidental realm switching even with the longer hold interval and does not feel great neither you want to dodge nor when you want to shift to another realm.

Ranged combat feels a bit better. At later waves it actually seems to be the only viable strategy currently. Telekinesis seems to be the star of the show but it really takes a lot of mana to cast and there isn't really any way to regain it fast when you are in the physical realm unless you want to go in for the executions and and those are inconsistent even at melee range and at long range you might not even notice them. Exsanguinate is fun to use as well, especially when upgraded, but when the skill is cast without a target in range it should not enter the cooldown period.

I don't really like the resource management in the game. The health drains way too fast on its own and there are way too many one-hit kills, the skills cost way too much mana and the essence currently does not really do anything except give you a little bit of time to drain a skelly while in the essential realm. I know this is supposed to be a proof-of-concept rather than actual state of the mechanics but that balancing not changing during the whole period of the demo's existence makes me thing that it is intentional and I would rather speak against it while the game is still early in development and there isn't a large amount of content already balanced that way.

Also please add jumping and air attacks even if they are just slamming the weapon to the ground. Platforming is a really important part of an action adventure games even if there's a trend in certain franchises to ignore it or simplify the hell out of it. Jumping out of and during combat just makes games feel better and it is almost necessary unless we are talking bird's eye perspective.
General feedback as of right now ( Patch 0.1.22 ) is that I am just very hopeful for the future of the game.

My biggest problems as of right now with the current build is as follows.

1: Stability, there are to many crashed.
- This will no doubt be fixed and not be a problem before launch, heck we have even had previous Patches where no matter what you did the client would not, or could not crash, it just so happens that this current one isn't stable, but again this is pre alpha stuff, I don't expect perfection just yet ;)

2: Automatic pick up of loot cards, which often result in downgrades to your weapons.
- This is 100% to be expected when there isn't a inventory system implemented just yet, it seems like the easiest and faster way to implement a placeholder loot system that needs to be updated eventually, not totally scrapped/replaced with something different. It is totally within reason that we can find items that are duplicates of what we currently have, or stuff that is worse or better when we are suppose to be able to trade or sell items to other players eventually.
So I don't see how this can be changed in any way until the actual Inventory system is implemented, nor do I think it should be changed at all for that matter.

3: The lack of skill cards for Telekinesis and Mist Form.
- It felt " less bad " back before we got the skill cards for Exsanguinate, not because it isn't nice to see proof of concept for the different minor arcana's to come and get to play with them to boot! but simply, when you then compare those 2 un-upgraded base skills themselves they eventually feel lacklustre when compared to a fully upgraded Exsanguinate, which is of cause to be expected, we are not suppose to run around with totally un-upgraded skill other than when we just swap to them because we decided this is the time to level them up, which will likely be chosen in a timely fashion, when you run with a group of skill already upgraded together with one new skill you are levelling up. So yet again there is nothing that should be changed with this problem as it currently is, there should just eventually be added more to the game, which is what is already planned.

So all of my " problems " will just require time to be fixed, and I have felt honoured and privileged to get to play, test, give feedback and help shape this game in to the masterpiece it is already shaping up to be, however rough of a diamond it is as of right now in it's current state.
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