Mallius Odium
Old World
Mar 16, 2021
I would recommend potentially splitting the player housing into a few different types:

-Individual housing> For players who play the game freely and have no clan or guild/family or legacy (not a Founder), that still has a good number of customization options and limited benefits that can be earned both over time and also some by fulfilling certain challenges or material requirements or completing quests/story progress

-Family or Legacy housing> Similar to individual housing but with more flair, options, and unique benefits that are earned over time (how many Ages you participated in), but also have access to all of the benefits that Individual housing gives but may give those benefits at a somewhat higher level due to the effects of the estate

-Clan or Guild housing> Shared estates buildable, customizable, and maintainable by the entire clan or guild, much larger than Individual housing with many more options for customization and with very significant benefits, some of which would be unique only to this housing type, the challenges can be worked on by the entire clan for improving the estate and its benefits

You may also want to consider having a similar set up for clans/guilds that some other games with MMORPG elements have with multiple tiers of clan/guild determined by/determining the number of players in them.
Warframe has a decent set up with different tiers that determine the player cap for the guild and also the amounts of materials that need to be gathered in total to complete the same research and construction projects that every tier of clan has access to--more players/bigger clan means more materials required in total. As long as it scales fairly, it's a good set up, I think.