Newly Dead
Players Playing Bloodbath Demo
Jun 21, 2022
Hey fellow undead friends, as a fan of the Blood Omen/Soul Reaver serie, AND as a long time player of Vampire The Mascarade/Dark Ages, I was wondering if you will add vampiric powers akin to Tzimisce vissicitude, as it was the case in the cancelled Dead Sun: Bladed arms, wings, etc.
You describe Vampires as Shapeshifters so....I was wondering if you have plans like this.
I always dreamt of having that kind of vampiric powers in videogames, maybe even something near the Prototype franchise, but with vampire theme (as you could imagine, I play the Tzimisce Clan in TTRPGs ^^)

In Bloodbath, maybe we've got an hint for some kind of "Zulo form"

(the gameplay video of Dead Suns had been a blast for me: the tranformative capabilities of the main protagonist could be a great inspiration, as the aerial combat style derived from it)

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