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Mar 30, 2019
Hey everyone :)

On our latest stream of January 6, 2021, Denis introduced my participation on the streams in an official capacity. As I am to be one of the community's links to the development team, with more illustrious members still to come (we are eagerly waiting for you, @Faceless Mike), I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself.

First of all, I want to thank @Denis Dyack and the Apocalypse team once more for extending me this invitation and opportunity. I also want to thank Denis and @Jack Lindsey for the gracious words and kindness they've spared me.

As for my personal story, it is as follows.
I live in Brazil. Started using a computer and playing games when I was 3, inspired by my father, who is also a gamer. Today I play almost all kinds of games, prioritizing those that have some truly remarkable aspect (I am quite demanding). I didn't get a console until much later in life, but having access to a computer nonetheless provided for many gaming experiences and life opportunities. I've learned English while playing, and many of my interests where shaped by the things I learned in gaming.

When the time came for me to seek a profession, I looked for that which I believed to be an area I had an affinity with: robotics. I entered a college that was considered quite prestigious on that area, and had high expectations for it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the college life in general and did not feel as attached to engineering as I thought I would. Before I graduated, I decided to try something else.

Perhaps innocently inspired by military concepts I've witnessed in games and movies, and the appeal of doing exciting and extraordinary things, I entered the Brazilian officer's school. Despite my positive performance, genuinely interesting experiences and accomplishments I will be forever proud of, I did not stay in the army for long. Soon after I joined the military I learned that kind of life was not for me, because I often feel the need to do things in my own way, and in my perception the army requires its members to more often follow systems rather than innovate.

With the intuition that I had to forge my own path and disillusioned by the prospect of a lifetime in robotics, I sought a career led primarily by myself. I graduated from college, but during my time there I had tried out one particular activity that motivated me in this new direction: I made volunteer translations of college courses.

The editors who evaluated me in those projects complimented my work and advised me to consider working with translations. While I graduated, I also researched how I could become an autonomous translator, a freelancer. And then I invested my time in making that a reality. The experience I gained from the volunteer work and my extensive gaming life made me believe a game localization specialization was in order, and I focused on that.

One of my proudest moments since then has been leading a study group for a game localization competition. 6 of the members were selected as winners in their respective languages and categories. The credit for that is only partially mine, but I am happy to have organized it.

Through my gaming contacts I came to know Deadhaus Sonata. I was positively surprised to know that it was being directed by Denis and his team, and the pitch of the game appealed me greatly. Not many games these days let you play as the monsters, and this game does that and more. I am, like all of you, hopeful for the future of the game and that of the company in many ways and I will attempt to shape it in a positive direction to whatever extent I can.

I have done so as a community member since I became aware of the project, and now I intend to do so as an ambassador.

Despite being introverted myself, I believe my past experiences, professions and love for the game will help me achieve a desirable result. Being on the streams make me slightly nervous, and I do hope you'll overlook any failure in expressing myself, especially verbally, as I am not a native English speaker. :)

And I am counting on you all to make Deadhaus ever greater.

If you have feedback about the streams, make sure to give your input here.
You can also submit your questions to be answered live on streams on this thread.
Finally, if there is any feedback that you would like to provide privately, you can send me a private message by going to my profile and clicking on "Start conversation" or use
this link (Thank you @Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl).