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Mar 20, 2019
Started thinking about things that'll come with the passage of time in the game with stuff like the ages and couldn't help but think of the passing of seasons as well as the holidays. I'm curious about what is already planned with that and if we'll have a copy/paste of ours or something entirely new. I'm leaning towards the latter as that opens up a lot more possibilities, not only for holidays but other aspects of this world.

Here is an example of something else to explain the changing of the seasons, a short story I wrote a couple years back involving two deities called the Lord of Ice and the Mistress of Flame.
From the cold of winter the Lord of Ice is reborn. He walks across the world, searching for the one he wishes to save before it is too late. He finds her in the nick of time, the woman that means everything to him. She is the Mistress of Fire and she is near death, mourning for the love she has lost. Their eyes meet and the connection is immediate. They rush to one another's embrace, the love they share is beyond compare. Together they stay, dancing across the world as spring is born beneath their feet. The stronger her love for him grows, the brighter her flame shines until it is too much for him to endure. He perishes before her, leaving nothing behind. The loss drives her mad and causes her flame to burn twice as hot, delivering Summer upon the world. As time passes so too does her rage as it turns to sadness, causing her flame to die down as the beginning of Fall. Her sadness grows until her and her flame nearly perish, bringing Winter to the world. Just as the last of her embers begin to die, she beholds the Lord restored and they embrace once more, as a new Spring is about to be born. Together this cycle will continue for all of eternity, one's love forever killing the other and the other forever seeking it to save them.

What kind of off the wall explanation for the way things are in this world can you think of?
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With them going so far as creating a calendar specific to Malorum, I'm quite confident they'll be making their own special dates, but they won't necessarily be called, or even considered, holidays. I think it is likely we will see many events based on the alignments and movements of celestial bodies, and many events based on the religions of Malorum, which are likely to be heavily based on the worshiping of various gods. At least that's my belief.

And as in Earth history, they will also likely have dates that belong to specific civilizations, and dates that exalt specific individuals or outstanding events of those civilizations.

If there are seasons, which seems likely given the videos they've shown us, that much I think will be mostly based on cycles of celestial movements as it is on Earth, but I think it is likely that there will be specific forces that manifest more or less strongly on certain seasons for various reasons. From the little we've seen, everything indicates that all elements of their universe will have a reason to exist other than the mere replication of the phenomenons we know in ours: multiple and varied associations between events are likely, no concept will be in the world "in a vacuum".

In any case, I wonder if the humans (if not other races as well, such as the Undead themselves) won't really have holidays, celebrations of happiness.

I like this discussion. I think we could try suggesting some concepts for holidays.
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@Golden Xan
Every god or goddess is usually connected to a celestial body of some sort like Ares is to Mars. What if that was literal for some of them, being like Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and, similarly, the versions of them we encounter on our world are projections of them that they channel their powers through to here?
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