Jun 5, 2021
The reason I bought a Gamecube in 2005 was just so I could play this game. This is the only game that ever scared me.

I remember playing it with all of the lights off in the wee hours of the night. I would have to stop and take breaks, turn all the lights back on and pace back and forth to convince myself that the demon voices I heard while casting spells were not real.

The insanity effects were some of the most ingenious ideas ever to be brought into a game. I experienced them all firsthand; meaning I did not look up any gamefaqs or spoiler reviews so I did not know what was coming for me.

Several years ago, I gave away my Gamecube and sold all of my games. Only by sheer luck I managed to hold on to this one. I sold it on Ebay but the buyer was unhappy with the condition of the case, so I refunded him and he returned the game and I never got around to selling it. Now all I need to do is find a Gamecube so I can play it again.

I only beat it once, I never did get the real ending, and I never did look it up. So dont spoil it! Maybe I'll get the chance to play it before Deadhaus comes out. Who knows, maybe there are some insanity effects I haven't experienced yet?

What is your favorite spoiler-free memory of playing Eternal Darkness? And how many times have you completed it?
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