æ úngǔ i úngächüuld
ǎnhü ǔætu ists hlyǔ̈uld
ǔnhúupiws irdræchengglǔb
ǔstrâ údirspârdrû ilts

äpu unchyârdrû
uyûrspǔiws ä
ǎngâw irspǔrdrû
ǔplung ǒwǔ̈ngúrdrû

ǔngärdrü ústs
i uyochǔe ǔngkchúe
ists ǔchu úrdruuld
tǔnchyombǐ ilts

ungâks u úchǔnggl
ǔvwǔ iksmǔe
ʻslü ǔ úyongü
iyu ʻdunchyee

Listen here: https://wolkenzimmer.haus/s/B2iJweQ5WEAF2eG (courtesy of http://ipa-reader.xyz/)
Irdruian language: https://wolkenzimmer.haus/s/2J3zKz34NRNaPcs (courtesy of https://www.vulgarlang.com/generator/)
Some context may be appropriate here - LOL

Aw, I thought I could just leave it a mystery :ROFLMAO:

I originally created, using Vulgar, a language called O'dán, for use with the Lord Ch'sebur'gah Discord bot. But since then, Vulgar received larger updates and couldn't read my exported settings anymore. It's possible to use an older version instead, but I wanted to see what the new version had to offer. (If anyone's interested, it was mostly a system for affixes.) Sadly, some previous settings were also removed and are now just random again. I hope they fix that and add even more custom settings. Anyway, Irdruian is partially based on the settings used for O'dán, but due to randomness distinctly different. E.g., the grammar is much simpler.

The primary goal of both languages was to use many different vowels with a dark u-like sound. O'dán was a bit closer to what I intended, but Irdruian is neat in its own way. I wanted to create a language that would be used by the old ones (Lord Ch'sebur'gah in particular), originally inspired by ... whatever the "Cthulhu fhtagn" language is, but as you can see, the result looks quite different.

After @Varik Keldun's poetry thread I felt inspired to use the language for poetry. Turns out that writing poems in a language you don't speak just from a very basic list of grammar rules and a short list of words is... something else. I couldn't even try to think of rhymes because I was preoccupied with trying to figure out word order and grammar; all the present near-rhymes are accidental.
Well it doest sound as dark and mysterious when the text to speech bot does it. And i have no idea what it says exactly... But it does look cool 👍
this is wonderful. I understood every word. fantastic :)
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Here is an adapted translation for those not fluent in Irdruian:

The office is where I do sleep
a feline lifestyle I do keep
my mortal, hairless slaves can't tell
the secret plots on which I dwell.

When they don't work, then they do feed
whom they believe to be a pet,
a member of a harmless breed -
but they don't know the first thing yet!

For I am god in cat's disguise,
until the day that I will rise
when they will stand in utter awe
and dread the pounding of my paw.

And when that sacred time is here
the world will finally be mine
and humans will bow down in fear
before Ch'sebur'gah the Devine.
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