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Mar 16, 2021
It was mentioned before that it could be expected that each undead player may eventually be able to have their own humble abode to decorate and enjoy. A little idea has crept into my mind now based upon the D&D mythos of Liches creating advanced and dangerous dungeons to house and protect their phylacteries, guarding them against stalwart (foolish) mortal heroes/heroines.

So my mind flowed naturally into that line, envisioning us having raid/defense events for our lairs/keeps/dungeons/crypts/whathaveyou against either the human empire(s) or even rogue houses of the dead, or giants, or demons, or dragons even. Setting up your lair with traps, and defenders both magical and mundane (undead guard units)...then you can choose to join the fray personally, or play the role of an overseer/overlord, moving your units within, and deploying traps manually, or even preparing additional defenses in real time.

Where you set up your lair (location location location!!) could determine the likelihood of being attacked by certain factions, and even how potent the attacking force would be as well as the possible rewards from Lord N'Gaztak for defending the realm against the foolish intruders. Example: Building closer to the Thacean Empire's borders raises the risk of human attacks, as well as the average strength of the attacking force. Building a base closer to the Undead Capital makes you much much safer, but offers far lesser rewards since the enemy forces would be smaller and weakened by the time they managed to get there (if they do at all). Building within enemy territory yields extremely high rewards, comparatively, but is also extremely risky, garnering the attention of the enemy faction's strongest hero units, and larger siege forces being levied against your lair.

You could even potentially set it up so if your lair is being attacked while you're not online (harrowing idea, I know), it would pop up as an event mission for other players to join as mercenaries, defending the lair of the absent player as a goon and getting a small portion of the spoils upon success.

If your defense mission is a failure (as the master of the keep), then it could either be a high stakes loss where you lose your real estate entirely (say on Hardcore Mode), or alternately you could just be ransacked by the intruders and left with only a small fraction of your original defensive capability and treasure trove intact (Hard or lower difficulties). Also if on the former (Hardcore) and as a Liche you hid your phylactery within your lair (as Liches are wont to do), then there might be a very high chance of your phylactery being destroyed in the event of a failure, resulting in permanent death.

As a mercenary/hired defender you might just be sent home to lick your wounds and receive no rewards upon a failure on Hard or lower difficulties, or again if on Hardcore, the risk of permanent death.

Seems fun in my head. Change of pace from the normal mission-based gameplay I think we're already expecting.
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