Mallius Odium
Players Playing Bloodbath Demo
Grim Scribe
Old World
Mar 16, 2021
A rarer type of undead in the horror and gaming world, a creature that serves as a dangerous foe not only on its own with its large body and powerful limbs, but more so due to its unique nature.
This is a unit that serves as a factory and house for a swarm of parasitic organisms that will attack either any nearby enemy, or if marked somehow by the Host (perhaps by pheromones or bile) attack single targets en masse.

The types of parasites might be changeable or upgradable on the whim of the Liche master to things such as but not limited to:
<Leeches> Drain living targets of their precious life's blood and can inflict natural bleeding/blood loss on the foe due to anti-coagulants secreted by the parasites, as well as a chance to inflict bloodborne illness
-if vampire allies are in proximity maybe they would have the option to use the leeches to recover their own health or use them for Blood Magic​
-enemies afflicted by the anti-coagulant would likely be more susceptible to Blood Magic as well​

<Swarmers> Clouds of varying biting insects that can have differing effects such as a larger chance to inflict mind-altering diseases (madness, confusion, fear, sleep); or laying eggs within the target that feed on it, mature, and burst out, spreading to others nearby who will share a similar fate

<Bursters> Heavily modified organisms that can be thrown by the Host like organic contact grenades and burst into clouds of cloying toxic corpse gasses, perhaps upgradeable to have splintering chitinous carapaces that explode into shrapnel and can inflict bleed, or be filled with strong acids to melt exposed flesh and dissolve untreated armor

<Tendrils> Rather than attacking with ranged parasites, this Host type is home to very powerful tentacle-like barbed worms that lash out extremely violently against nearby foes, converting the Host into a mobile flogger