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Grim Scribe
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Mar 16, 2021
Along in the same vein as the other Minion entries, this is another idea for a special/unique critter that a particularly studious/skilled Liche may be able to employ.

The Shambling Horror

This critter is all about having that PRESENCE on the battlefield. Created to elicit abject terror in ones enemies, the Shambling Horror is an imposing figure that embodies concepts such as body horror and unnerving construction/form. A somewhat taller unit than the average minion, commonly adorned with a large animal skull such as from an elk or moose, with dead, empty eyes, and possessing a twisted and lithe body that lulls to either side when idle, but when disturbed or otherwise directed toward enemies, it releases a horrid whooping shriek from its maw and lunges forward in a frantic, unnatural, scrambling, unbalanced shuffle on its lanky limbs, pursuing its quarry with a fierce and unrelenting single-mindedness. When within a short distance, it will leap through the air with surprising agility and coordination considering its otherwise unceremonious behavior, and will come down on its target with all its weight and fury, with a high chance to knock a target prone if it is the same size or smaller than itself, and begin flailing and thrashing at it with its three peculiar varying arms. One long arm with long curled black claws rends flesh, another medium length arm grasps the target with a powerful grip that is difficult to resist, the third short and somewhat shriveled arm is imbued with an effect similar to casting an inflict wounds spell on touch, which both injures the target as well as amplifies injuries inflicted to it while it is being restrained by the Shambling Horror.

While not as powerful as other minion options open to the Liche, the psychological impact of its presence on a battlefield cannot be overstated and should not be underestimated. While it may only kill a handful of targets itself, its unnerving nature will greatly disturb the minds and sap the will power of otherwise hardened soldiers and mercenaries as they witness their darkest nightmares undoing their own allies before them. The weakest willed will flee from battle, the sturdier may still flinch and hesitate and leave formation.
Any mistake in a battle is a valuable opportunity, and the Shambling Horror is a means to create openings for easy victory for the cleverer Liches and their allies.

As for the "whooping shriek" I mentioned, in my mind it's similar in nature to a bull Elk's bugle. Here's a video with a pretty good example of that at about 2:35 into it.