Mallius Odium
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Mar 16, 2021
Had this idea while talking to Varik in Discord and thinking about the Swarm Host minion idea I just had prior to this.

[Tarot Card]

>1st Tier Command

Allows a Liche to assume direct control over a summoned minion, leaving his "main" body behind immobilized within a strong (but not invincible) magical shell. Is this shell is breached by enemies then the Liche is immediately shunted back into his "main" body with a small radial AoE knockback around both the minion he was controlling as well as his "main" body.
Potentially at higher levels this direct command ability will impart boons upon the controlled minion that last as long as the Liche master controls it, and perhaps a modicum of these boons would be imparted on nearby non-controlled minions as well.

>2nd Tier Dominate

This much more powerful version of the skill allows the Liche to instead assume direct control of an enemy unit. This controlled unit will not be suspected by its allies until the Liche uses it to attack them, or if another enemy unit has a unique perception or skill that allows it to detect the change. The Liche's "main" body is still left behind in an energy cocoon.
The higher level versions of this tier might similarly impart the dominated unit with more powerful boons that would allow it to last longer against its former allies.
Ultimately this tier of skill might end with a powerful explosion of magical force that would likely gravely injure all nearby enemy units upon the death of the dominated unit.