Many are the undead who make up our mighty force of Deadhaus, but truly I must wonder as to the reasons many joined. Such as the base desires of the "noble" Vampires and gluttonous Ghouls are easy to determine. Even I must wonder why those fools of our Haus must fight and squabble over every idea. The base desires they share is simple, hunger for blood, flesh, or all gods forbid the very offal of their enemies. Sure the mighty noble Vampires flaunt their "supremacy" over many of us, they don't dare acknowledge their own weaknesses. Even few among us Liches acknowledge their weaknesses, fools they be for the path to true knowledge is acknowledging you know nothing to begin with. To reach the truth, you must admit you no nothing of the truth to begin with.
And while I will admit our mighty Haus is only a force to be reckoned with together, I've found myself pondering over questions far more often with Wight's than my fellow colleagues. And with them, I've come to many conclusions, and many more questions. Questions such as, when the fire of rage that fills the mighty N'gaztak with power runs out of fuel, and splutters out. What then?
When the mighty Vampires and Ghouls gorge them selves until they find the blood and flesh they consume nothing more than ash in their mouths. What then?
When even the Banshees god masters close their eyes for the greatest rest of all. What then?
My personal stance has not just been on the acquisition of knowledge, but preservation of knowledge. For every one of my foolish colleagues who perishes in this war, their desire to horde the knowledge like some treasure trove had lead to that valuable knowledge becoming little more than dust. For dust tells no tale of what it once was.... only that there was, but is no longer.
-The Azure Scholar