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Apr 12, 2020
Hi Everyone!

I was looking at the available Deadhaus Sonata merchandise and I just had a few ideas I wanted to share!

First off, I noticed that the website was a bit hard to navigate. I think a "Show All" option would be really beneficial because while I was browsing I had to click every individual title on the side and it was a bit difficult to get a full overview of items available.

I also had some ideas concerning merchandise that is available right now. I think the zip hoody would benefit from a smaller logo on the left breast - having a big logo means that when the zip is undone it will get split in half and that's something I would personally not like. Another comment was about the polo shirts, I think the logo is just a bit too small and too high - I think it could be lower and a teeny bit bigger on the breast. And overall, I think the logos could be bigger - I feel like the size of the logo on the shirts and sweaters are at a medium size that is a bit awkward. It is straddling the line between a small, side logo and a large full logo. Anyway, that's just my ideas concerning existing merchandise and what I would want to see.

I also brainstormed some ideas for other merchandise! I've attached some sketches of my ideas below. I think adding something to the back of shirts would really spice the designs up!


For the future, I think once the game is released, merchandise for each class would be super fun! And merchandise showcasing art from the game. Maybe one of those heat sensitive mugs that would showcase the art when hot as well.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think! Thanks :)
I agree with your observations. Class and faction-specific merchandise would also be welcome. The website could definitely use some more manageability as well.
I agree with your observations. Class and faction-specific merchandise would also be welcome. The website could definitely use some more manageability as well.

I think for the Revenant we could use the shield from the Hatred Armor set as a keychain or something similar. Could also do with shirts with the current class characters on them. I would definitely where a shirt with the two Revenants on it standing back to back or something.

Looking at the Lore page, maybe a wax seal with the Deadhaus emblem would be fun, and something with the diagram from the page The Great Houses.

After watching today's video I say clothing with "Our bell tolls for all." would be a good idea. Maybe with "Fight the Living." underneath it.

For the mouse pad, you could use a map for Nogosaua.
I agree with most of your observations, and more merch is always nice to look at (as a student, I am permanently short on money), but looking at the hoodie design, it seems to have its logo on the back, with an undecorated front. I agree that another logo on the hoodie's front would be nice, the logo wouldn't be split apart.
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Artwork in the majority of forms Poster, Wall-hanging, and the like; mouse pads, and stickers are usually great. Art/Concept art could be sold in this manner for limited time allowing early adopters the ability to personally own and display the history of the game. For giveaways/prizes/etc signed/personalized versions are always a treasure.
I would love some enamel pins of some Haus logos.
DARK HORSE releases some pretty decent figures for games now and again (usually the big titles)
they have a witcher line
a soon be Cyberpunk line

and a Deadhaus Sonata line....maybe? would be cool. would give me a reason to collect figures again.


I just discovered Squishable (yes its a squishy Cthulhu)
they make well...squishy soft things. from pillows to the bean bag like and stuffed toys. all super soft...and squishy.
they have a plague doctor up for pre order right now.

Limited Run Games physical editions (consoles at least?) id say PC too but who uses discs anymore? so maybe a big box faux version with all the goodies
and a steam code or two for some platinum and catering towards friends joining in.
I couldn't get any images small enough but just look up Limited Run Games

Nosgoth had some great merch at cons but sadly was never publicly provided. One of the shirts had the wings of the Raziel clan on the back all stylized.
Seeing shirts or hoodies styled like the revenant armor or vampire armor etc would be cool. similar to Armor hoodies.