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Mar 16, 2021
Listening to today's stream, I heard the part where Jack was talking about the possibility of a fallen warrior's body being placed under protective/preventative spells so they would not be able to rise again as a revenant. In another stream I managed to catch, there was a discussion of some hypothetical scenarios where the enemies of Deadhaus might set up complex and potent traps for the undead. This has me thinking of a possible mission type for us denizens of the dead to embark upon: a mission to render aid to the dead and undead, so they may rise again in freedom.

This might entail an assault on a hunkered down enemy encampment/fortification, a battle would take place where not only must the enemies themselves be killed and/or scattered, but the bindings placed upon the fallen or risen be undone in order to allow them to rise or rise again. This would certainly be a rescue/release of friendly NPCs starting out, but perhaps at some point the captured person could be a real player who got themselves into trouble and you could join their instance in real time as part of your mission and rescue them as a side quest/bonus objective.
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