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After input from the illustrious @Golden Xan , I am pleased to announce a new kind of developer stream. Starting next Wednesday, at 4:00 PM EST, @Denis Dyack and myself will be hosting a Worldbuilding Town Hall on Twitch. The current plan is to stream this once a month and watch what kind of response it gets. Feedback will influence future streaming content directions.

The Worldbuilding Town Hall will discuss lore, classes, characters, stories, and overall worldbuilding elements at a level of depth that is suited for the more hardcore members of our audience. These sessions will have a literary and industry-minded focus, and a more serious approach to the topics therein.
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Denis Dyack

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Dec 26, 2017
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Love it! Although I dont have the pleasure of getting to watch the streams live, I'm very much looking forward to this!!! Great idea!
Is there a better time we should do this stream? @Jack Lindsey and I are flexible and can do this stream anytime, we chose the default time of our other streams but can do this both later or early in the day EDT. Let us know!


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May 11, 2020
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If you guys were to start the stream anytime after 6 PM EST, that would work. My schedule's kinda whacky these days, (as you might expect) so although I'd be working, I'd be able to join in and listen to you guys live! Having said that, I understand what Faceless Mike is saying as well. Assuming it caused no major inconveniences for anyone, that'd be ideal for me!
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Mar 30, 2019
Amazing! Sounds like a great idea, and I am looking forward to the first stream very much. I will leave here a list of questions about the world of Deadhaus for the first and future ones:

1) Is there any form of currency in Deadhaus? What is the undead's currency, if any?
2) What are the types of loots that people can expect to find in the game? I'm hoping for more than body equipment and gold, such as crafting items, artifacts, mission objects, objects we don't know about whose purpose is unclear, etc.
3) In previous streams, a jumping mechanic was not prevalent in the plans for DHS. With the Giants eventually coming to the game, and with class descriptions mentioning undead being able to leap very long distances or run very fast, have you now considered the possibility of adding gameplay movement mechanics such as jumping?
4) Since Giants will be present in the game, does that also mean that every mission map will be extensive and tall enough to comport gigantic creatures in them? Or will there be missions that, perhaps, will be exclusive to some factions or maps that will have human-sized structures that no Giant player could ever get inside?
5) We have threads on Weapon Types and Damage Types. In the current iteration of the game, what are the plans for having different kinds of weapon types available to the characters?
6) Are there any class-locked weapon types?
7) Is there any fast travelling mechanic planned for the game besides teleporting to and from mission locations and instances?
8) What was the inspiration for the Malorum world name?
9) Location-wise, did Deadhaus began inside another kingdom?
EDIT2: The questions above have been asked and answered on the stream of July 1st.
10) Why did the undead never tried to invade the capital of the Thacean Empire?
11) In the Liche's class description, there are "lesser undead" mentioned. I assume those are zombies and skeletons, for example. We can probably expect the Liche to be able to play in a necromantic playstyle. How much control can we expect to have in terms of being able to command minions, with the Liche or otherwise?
12) Who are the Templars of the Ashen Ring, and why are they so valued by the humans? Why did they end?
13) Alaric's article "Of Vampires" show that the Vampires have some very strong weaknesses (known and exploited by the humans) in the sun, such as not being able to transform and generally moving slower. Will the sunlight be a frequent threat to the Vampire? What other issues does the Vampire face when exposed to the sunlight?
14) Could you kindly talk about the yet unrevealed classes? The Wraith, the Banshee and the Wight. I'd be happy to hear about unfinished plans and concepts that may be changed in the future just as much as I would about final iterations.
15) In regards to the bonuses you may gain when going past one Age to another, is there any way to lose those bonuses? Will you ever be forced to sacrifice one of your hard-earned items or abilities for something in the story?
16) Likewise in the Ages, the Vampire is said to be able to form new bloodlines to nurture over time. Other classes are mentioned to be able to do the same. How would other classes be able to form what we assume to be a variant of "bloodlines"?
17) What does, effectively, means to form your Lineage in the game? Is this something akin to starting a clan, or is it something deeper?
18) Seven Suns in Twilight seem to talk about the formation of Deadhaus and the first undead. There are greater powers that are influencing the world in order for this to happen. Was undeath even possible before their influence? In other words, being undead is only possible because of the power of some great entity?
19) Seven Suns in Twilight describes a cosmic chess-like game between representatives of two greater entities. Are those other entities Great Old Ones? We don't know the name of the one who started Deadhaus, but the other one is titled The Crimson Sign, something we have seen being mentioned before in other parts of the game, such as the pillar's engravings. Crimson Sign very much reminds me of Yellow Sign in the Cthulhu Mythos. What is the Crimson Sign?
20) It seems that there will be Cthulhu creatures in the game, as there are Cthulhu-like statues in the world. Will you bring about your own creatures to the world of DHS that are inspired by, yet new to, the Cthulhu Mythos?
21) What was Lucian Armin's transformation? What class did he become?
22) The Vampire has been described more than once as being extremely fast. Dance macabre was also repeatedly mentioned, associated with the Vampire. In terms of combat gameplay, how do you intend for players to be able to control something that is really, really fast, so much so that their real-life human senses may not quite be able to follow?
23) Who built the Deadhaus Gate, and why?
24) The Northern Factions in the Empire of Men apparently had a cult of worshipers of the Crimson Sign. Are those the main human antagonists of Deadhaus?
25) With there being many oceans and seas in Malorum, can we expect that there will be ocean missions of some kind?
26) Deep question about in-game stories and immersion: Some games allow people to make their own story by having a big and open sandbox environment, sometimes with scripted events or quests, sometimes not. Other games allow you to follow a specific story that is give to you. What is the case with Deadhaus Sonata? And can we expect to try and be able to forge our own paths with our characters, with them eventually becoming meaningful individuals in the world in the way we may or may not seek?
27) Let's say there is a major questline that everyone goes through. If there are multiple endings to quests and players can choose which path to take, how will you define which is the "official" path where the story went to when creating future content?
28) How much content do you intend for it to be playable in the First Age?
29) Will there be exclusive missions/storylines for each class or House?
30) If you play with multiple classes, will you go through storylines that you already completed with the previous characters you played with?
31) If you create a new character of the same class as one you played before, will the storyline be the same for that character or will it always be a new kind of experience?
32) Will players be able to choose or create their character's backgrounds to any extent?
33) Will characters be able to use their powers in more than just combat? Such as during dialogues or the exploration of the map.
34) Does having procedurally-generated dialogues mean that you will attempt to make text-to-speech a reality in Deadhaus?
35) Are players gonna be able to replay missions if they want to try following different paths without affecting their main story progress?
EDIT: 36) Are the tarot cards merely representations of attained powers, or are they literally tarot cards that have powers on their own or that enable powers on your character?

Looking forward to it!
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Mar 30, 2019
The tone for this stream was considerably different. I particularly enjoyed hearing the back and forth of ideas between Jack and Denis, and the opportunity of asking questions directly to you and being able to reply to your statements adds value to the experience.
However, in the back end, joining multiple rooms to queue for our moment of conversation can be a bit hectic. It requires us to manipulate both the Twitch stream and the Discord conversation, and also talk to Jalen and the other people on the queue before we get there, and this process makes us miss part of what is being streamed.
I expect that most people prefer to just type their questions and have them being read by someone. That should also minimize technical difficulties or confusions. Unless the process is improved, in some way, in which case interacting with the two of you can be maintained.

As a suggestion, for the next stream:

  • Have everyone who would like to ask questions live to be on the same call as you are, but muted. When it's someone's turn to speak, they are unmuted or unmute themselves so they can ask the two questions, and then they get muted again, and the next person in line is able to speak.
  • We can let Jalen know, via a group chat, which of us on the call are ready to ask questions so that he may set up the queue.
  • Jalen can read the questions which are sent via text instead, through Twitch or else.
This way, there is no delay between the stream and the conversation, and you can have both means of communication with the viewers, and you maintain the same interaction level.

I also suggest potentially selecting one or more topics to talk about in the development of DHS that you are either struggling with or that you found particularly interesting to share with us and ask what people think (if you want to).
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