Offer of a story, Immortal Beloved (Story of the Vampire Malfec)


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Mar 24, 2021
I have been a Legacy of Cain fan since Blood Omen came out. I have played every game in the series though the first one is still my favorite RPG of all time. How is it no one else ever figured out that a game should be dark and badass, especially if it is about vampires? Still today, no one has come close to the coolness of Blood Omen so I am looking forward to Sonata a great deal.

I have a very cool short story I wrote long ago. I would like to submit it for the games many stories. If it is wanted.
Is this the proper way to offer this to the writers & Developers?

Immortal Beloved (The Vampire Malfec)

The short story want to submit for Deadhaus Sonata is a vampire story quite unlike anything done before. I have read or watched just about ever vampire story around, mostly because of experiencing Blood Omen when I was young. Nothing so far even comes close to the coolness of Cain’s story in my opinion.

I think my short story called Immortal Beloved (The Vampire Malfec) would fit well in Sonata’s game world. After all, I am never going to bother trying to publish it. It is just going to sit on my writing office gathering dust. I know it is a story that should be told in one way or another. I am also willing to work on other stories if needed.

I am a hard core gamer, RPGs mostly but also a fulltime writer of mainly fiction and some non-fiction books (not currently published, yet) I am currently working on a major Sci-fi Epic.

Thankyou for your help

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Mar 30, 2019
Hey @Helgazrune,

Deadhaus has a unique method of adding fan content to the game. We use a platform called World Anvil, where fans can add their stories and content, and after curation it is published on our Deadhaus Sonata World Anvil page for all to see. If something is highly regarded by the community and the developers, it has the chance of eventually being canonized, though this will rarely happen. If you want to submit your story, you can do so in the appropriate section of the forum:


On the two sticky threads of that section you will find all the information you need to submit your story. If and when approved, it will be published on our WA page for all to read.

By the way, you have not linked your story on this post. But you will be able to submit it whole by following the instructions where I pointed you.