So Denis had posted the following in the general chat today on discord.

Crimson dreams with consciousness streams,
the Leper King is crowned.

Crimson dreams with consciousness screams,
the empire of men are bound.

Crimson dreams with consciousness beams,
the white knight is found.

Crimson dreams with consciousness seams,
the world is unwound.

This is an excerpt from "At the Spine of the Dead Dreamer" and is a hint of things to come

Shortly after i read that, I figured i could respond to it and crafted out this one....

Cursed dreams, with cursed screams,
The wound the blade had brought.

A board, a game, of mortal claim,
Two lords a battle fought.

Of death, and change, those stars arranged.
Lords' master wanted ought.**

These seven suns, this Islirith,***
He had heard of naught.

To sage and priest the white knight went,
To cleanse the blade he caught.*

They prayed, they plead, in dire need.
Though, the blade had earned his spot.****

*(was formerly fought, but changing it helps reduce re-usage of same last word)
** (was formerly - Lords' master it did want.)
***(was formerly - seven suns, Islirith)
****(formerly "in the end it mattered not" - added though, then revised to the new line)
*****(Added title)

Here is what I wrote before all the revisions.

Cursed dream, with cursed screams
The wound the blade had brought.

A board, a game, of mortal claim.
two lord battle fought.

Of death, and change, those stars arranged.
Lords master it did want.

Seven suns, Islirith,
He had heard of naught.

To sage and priest the white knight went.
to clense the blade he fought.

They prayed, they pleed, in dire need.
It would matter not.
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You cannot begin to forgive,
The stars that have never shone,
Just like you cannot begin to fear,
The end that never comes....

Walk now do we among the dead,
But never shall we rest.
For the living are to suffer first,
We will hound them from their nest.

Will you begin to pierce the veil,
To see what cannot be,
But never ever fall or fail,
The task we set you to see,

Come join the horde and test your strife,
"Fight the Living" shall be your call
Now bide your essence to your will
Deadhaus doth need you all...
Here is my little attemp at poesy. English is not my main language so I hope I've done it right haha. I can easily write in french but I had to think twice for english. I hope you enjoy it :)

We were alone in the cathedral
Living and dying like an animal
Horrified of what we’ve become
And afraid of the years to come

And then another one crossed the door
Seeking wisdom, counsel and more
A lost little soul afraid of the dark
That which ignite in our eyes a little spark

We stand out of the shadow, slim and grim
Ready to taste the flesh of our next victim
But we waited as the mortal came closer
Stunned by it’s beauty, our anger taking over

We were ripped of our mortality
Hunted and abandoned, running free
How come this human, so perfectly alive
Dared to come carelessly into our hive

And then, filled with sheer terror, it saw us
There was no time to wait nor discuss
We jumped on it and teared the flesh
Tasting again what it felt to be fresh

The silence came back as it what meant to be
And the revelations came as we fell on our knees
Again, we failed to attain final death, our freedom
Still trapped in here to serve in our master’s kingdom

For we cannot kill ourselves, nor can we go outside
Only an intruder has the power to do what we are denied
Our master wanted us to feel empty, always hungry
Making us lose control in front of beauty, always angry

Resigned and depraved, we detached the head of the human
And placed it’s forehead on ours, completely inhuman
Losing that little spark and retreating back in the darkness
In hope to fall forever in the appeasing void of nothingness
It is active again! To celebrate: an alliterative wraith haiku.

Bending but breaking
Bones bound boundless by being
Between bygone bod
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The earth was torn asunder
Do not tarry, time to run
On we charge, our feet like thunder
There is nowhere you can hide
We lurk among the shadows
As you flee the Marching Tide
And desecrate the lands you hallow
While you cower in the sun

You can hide behind your walls
We have time, we do not care
They will crumble, they will fall
As will sceptre, throne, and crown
All your lords and kings are frauds
Beneath the Tide, you will drown
We have slain your empty gods
No one left to hear your prayer

You have nothing but your pride
Wage your war to dying breath
All that you revere have died
To the Tide, they were but fodder
We will snuff out every light
It will be nothing but a slaughter
In the dark we spread our blight
You will join us in your death

We are Deadhaus
Time to commit foul necromancy and bring this thread to everyone's attention for a meme!

The ground is covered,
In blood it's stained,
And all along,
One question remained.

Is it a duck yet?