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Golden Xan

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Mar 30, 2019
Hey everyone,

So, Apocalypse decided to stream Cthulhu Wars matches every Wednesday and, on occasion, community members will be able to play together with the team. I am going to share over here a number of resources for people who want to get to know the game better in order to either play or understand what's happening during the stream.

Tutorial for beginners:

Rulebook, FAQ, hint cards and other supplementary material:

How to win, according to the designer:
Hint card:

Handicap rules:
The gaming "game platform" in which we play Cthulhu Wars:

2 player rules:
The game changes partially when playing in two players. Here are the rules according to the final Rulebook:

EDIT 1: 26th of March, 2020 - Added the links to the Steam Store and the Hint card.
EDIT 2: 2nd of April, 2020 - Added a link to the most updated version of the board game on the Steam Workshop and the rules for 2 players.
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Jan 20, 2020
Awesome post, Golden Xan! Thank you, hopefully we can get some more players out to our Wednesday board games nights!
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