Oct 26, 2023
Texas, USA
This is a pre-release post speculating on what revenants will be like in the game.

Revenants are going to be the tanky, heavy hitting class. They have the highest Vitality of all of the currently known classes.


Being a revenant in this world has you in the same class as N’gaztak, which may feature unique missions and interactions. I'd definitely like an opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of revenants that act as his right hand.
Revenants are the least changed undead (besides the banshee), and despite their preternatural anger are probably the most human. Who knows what they remember or miss from their old lives?
Like N’gaztak, they don't necessarily need to be mindless berserkers. We can have stoic, calm revenants or they could have constant, unbridled fury. I look at Warframe, which has an agile and a noble animation for each Warframe you own. Choosing a furious or a calm idle animation for a revenant can work into your roleplay.


Revenants will be the easiest to customize and add cosmetics for. From what I can tell, they will be wearing varying degrees of heavy armor. Heavy armor is SO fun to work with because it can look bulky without looking ridiculous. You can also use lots of helmets. Roman-style helms, spiky helms, bone helms. Lots of options! I’ve always liked covering my face in games to add a layer of mystery to my character.
Another cosmetic could be having holes in the armor or body, revealing the fire within. The natural flaming aspect of the Revenant can give us a lot of fun for customization. Maybe the flames take the form of a crown, or every step you take leaves a flaming footprint.


N'gaztak has layered pauldrons and a crown. The crown may be exclusive to him, but those pauldrons look pretty sweet. Something we could get in the future. I’m also all for capes, which will be best suited for vampires, revenants, and liches. A cape that burns as the revenant’s rage increases would be insanely cool.


Revenants will possess a lot of strength. This will give them access to absurdly large swords, hammers, and axes. I would personally like to see war scythes and the usage of shields. I feel like I rarely see scythes, much less the correct ones.

Shields are obviously cool because of how strong the Revenants are, it's possible they can use huge shields and still have access to big weapons or vice versa. Shields can give more customization and survivability. I mean, imagine a shield made with a dragon soul or something. The revenant can simultaneously block and burn enemies, then follow up with a crushing blow with a mace.

I feel like some classes will have innate ranged abilities, and others need something to take on targets from a distance. Something worth considering for the development team would be giving the revenant a bow for some ranged combat. Bows already take an exceptional amount of strength to use. Revenants that have more strength than the average human could use larger and more powerful bows.
Some gunpowder does exist in this universe, so the alternative to a bow would be carrying a huge cannon around and just loading it by hand.

Traversal and Exploration

Revenants won't have a lot of access to places as they can't crawl, teleport, fly, or anything exciting. However… big strong guy through brick wall. I mean if you need to explore, why not smash the wall? I'm sure they will still have some access to magical or essential states, but their best bet will be scaling walls or smashing them.


Because Revenants are high damage dealers but also a kind of tank, they will work one of two ways.

  • Revenants taking damage fuels Rage, which will increase another stat like damage output. So as they get hurt, they have a chance to put out much more damage than what is being put in. Or, the other stat is damage resistance. The player takes damage, fuels Rage, then gets damage reduction while putting out the same damage

  • Revenants taking damage fuels Rage, which increases a meter. Once the meter is full, the player can trigger Rage, which will make them more powerful for a short duration. During this time they will take less damage and deal more.

One is pretty passive, where you just let yourself get hurt to fight. I'm sure it would also do something better like “attacking reduces rage slightly”. That would make it a balancing act, where you wait until your rage is high enough to attack.

The other is more active, where you have to determine when to trigger the ability, so that a perfectly timed rage saves the mission.

I feel that revenants in a team of vampires and liches can act as an armor crusher, opening the way for vampire’s speed attacks or liche’s high damage spells.