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Jan 10, 2020

Rumors are a great part of any story. some rumors like the one from Braveheart can make someone become bigger than life. others could drag a persons reputation through the mud.
Rumors in RPGs lead to a great many side quests and storylines. Not all rumors are true of course. far from it, and the ones that are true are just partially true. They have been changed and manipulated being passed around from person to person, town to town.

I think it would be fun, creative, and inspiring to use what knowledge we do have of the world, lore, and characters of Nogosua to come up with rumors that we might hear in game. Some of them may actually turn out to be true. different towns and areas might have the same rumors as well but they might sound different.

here are some examples to get things rolling.

"Did you hear that there is a small faction of ghouls who are planning a coup against the Noblesse?"

"It's been said the Lady of Jelras will allow you to stay there if you bring her a sacrifice in return." - villager from Charsk

"I've heard that North west of some long forgotten pillars in the western reaches, one can find a sign that points to a town called Coorhagen... but no one has been able to find it."

"The story goes, they locked the scroll the opens the portal to another world deep inside Fort Zaestra, you bring it to the pillars and touch the stones in the proper sequence..."

"I heard a Human made it past all the defenses in Fort Zaestra using a spell of disguise to look undead... so when you travel there be careful who you talk to!"

"They say that the humans have discovered a new metal in the western edge of the spine of the dead dreamer... its said that it burns undead on touch."
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"I heard a rumour that the dead have a different name for the land than Nogosua"
"I heard there is a carnival of undead that moves amongst the hamlets near the border, pretending to be alive as they open it up for a night to the locals and then leaving the next day. It's free to get in, costs nothing to enjoy it all; but after they leave the people in those places find that some of theirs have gone missing, never seen again."
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"I heard that the first vampire was named Kain..."
"No, that's crazy, that's a walking stick."
"Yeah, you're right."
"I heard there are tiny humans among the living that ride around in giant bodies."
"you been talking to those ghouls again haven't you? they are starting to mess with your mind."- some random vampires
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"I heard a rumour that the dead have a different name for the land than Nogosua"
Don't know where you heard this being a rumor its in fact fact.
I heard the Order of the Ashen Ring once had a hallowed place inside the walls of Deadhaus, somewhere north near the Spine...
"I've heard that the ghouls were once people that worshipped some spirit that turned them into what they are now. Supposedly you worship that spirit by eating the flesh of your own kind. Some have said that the name of this spirit is Hannibal Lecter."
"I heard there are people, members of a secret society, seeking out special treasure chests. There is supposedly some trick to opening these chests and are said to contain a way to make those who open them into immortals."
"Have you heard the tale of the pale girl?

It happened not too far from here, in a hamlet not unlike this one. It was home to a young couple and their little girl, the most precious little thing you'd ever seen. One day the girl went missing, last spotted chasing after one of the family goats that ran off into the woods. Everyone in the hamlet looked for her day and night but found no sign of her. After a week or so they all assumed the worst and mourned the loss, until one morning she just showed up at her parent's doorstep and knocked on the door to be let in. Her expression was empty and she wouldn't speak until a couple days later, saying she remembered nothing before knocking on the door. After that everything went back to normal but the girl was different, the way she acted and moved was not the way it was before; but her parents ignored it while talking down anyone that pointed it out.

There was talk of banishing the whole family for fear of what the girl might bring but before that happened one of theirs got mangled by a pack of wolves and the healers could only provide him comfort until he passed. The little girl visited him in the night without anyone noticing and the next morning they found her beside him with his injuries healed as if they were never there. The talk of banishment ended that day, with the understanding that she would help those the healers couldn't and none would speak of it to those outside of their community.

This arrangement went on for decades as those parents had more children, all of them growing up and moving on to have children of their own. All the while that little girl stayed the same, never growing or aging; but other things about her changed, her hair and skin grew pale as her eyes also lost all their color. The villagers ignored her and left her to the parents that still cherished her. Eventually the time came when the parents passed. The girl's cries could be heard throughout and everyone came to find them in bed, the girl wailing as she wrapped her arms around them. After the cries stopped the girl looked up to see the villagers surrounding the bed and her expression went empty like when she first returned from the woods. The girl's body suddenly collapsed into dust without so much as a cry from her as she broke down into nothing.

No one knows what that girl was, but It seems whatever it was had lost its reason for being there. You children best not get too far from your parents and you parents best not let your children get too far, else the next time you see them they might not be the same."
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They say that when a life belonging to one of yours is taken by the hands of another through an act of murder and the law of the living fails to bring about justice, you need only turn to the law of dead.

Perform the ritual, invoking them with an item belonging to your loved one and express your desire for their service while accepting whatever price that they will set. Assuming they agree, that item will vanish and find it's way into the hands of the guilty. This will serve as a beacon to guide the executor of your vengeance to the guilty; and no matter what the guilty do to get rid of it, it'll always find it's way back until the executor has arrived to claim it along with everything else. After that, well, then your bill will come due.