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Mar 20, 2019
So I'm not sure if this has already been discussed in the streams, I work most Wednesdays; but I want to talk about severed heads like the one from the vampire founders pack. From what I understand its main function is purely comedic/cosmetic and maybe a bit of lore dumping, which is appropriate since it can't be play to win; but outside of that one I'd like it if there were severed heads that function as weapons and here are a couple ways to implement it.

For one there is the classic severed head with long hair that you use to swing it around like a flail with the head biting into whatever you hit with it and tearing off chunks of flesh or passing on an infection ("cough, zombie head, cough"). Tell me that doesn't sound like something a ghoul would wield or even duel wield.

Another is through casting, with severed heads of magic users that recite and execute spells. A revenant doesn't need to learn magic, just take the heads of those who do.

The final way I got from rewatching Mystery Men, allowing the head to levitate and move around after sealing it in something hard but translucent like amber so it can see as it flys around bludgeoning all in its path before coming back to you.


I'm sure there are more ways I'm not thinking of so let me know what comes to mind when you think of using a head as a weapon.