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Mar 30, 2019
Hey everyone :)

This is the thread in which you can tell us what you would like to see covered in future streams.

You can give us your feedback about the previous streams or give your suggestions for the ones to come. Everything is on the table; content, pacing, length, font, chilling, stream bots, and whatever else you believe is pertinent to the streams.

Example feedback would be:
- Tell us more about the lore.
- I would like to see some examples of quests.
- Can you make a stream about the origins of the vampires?
- Xan should ask more intricate and philosophical questions about unlife.
But don't be restricted to those examples. And if you want to make a comment privately, you can also go to my profile and "Start conversation."
More lore will always get a yes please from me, even lore updates with new bites of info on previously revealed classes and locations with possibly some new art or in game renderings to go along with it.
I want to hear more about the gameplay mechanics and the ideas behind them, such as travel, if the game is going to be open world for example? I want to know more about combat and what we can expect from it.

I loved hearing that we can disguise ourselves as vampires and I want to hear more about that.
Anything that is related to gameplay - combat system(s?), world structure, adventure elements(puzzles, branching dialogues) and RPG systems. Lore, art and social systems are great but you need a game to support those and we haven't really seen any of it.
For now, I would love to hear more from the staff as to how they got into games, why they are working on this game, what are their favorite games, etc. This early in development a lot of things will change from the original vision and I don't want to hold the devs to ideas that might not be practical as the game develops. I don't want an Anthem or Cyberpunk experience of big promises that go undelivered.

That being said I would like the discussions that can help to focus the team on what they are making and what the community is looking for. I liked being able to vote on design elements and I think that thread on weapon decay was helpful for the devs. It was pretty clear that the community did not want it as a feature.
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I would like to hear more about the lore of the classes and their weakness and strenghts comparing to each other, also i would really like to hear more about the possibilities of interaction with humans.

We already know we will end killing and eating them a lot but i wonder if there is more to it aside of that like for example establishing relations of profit with them, controlling them and having access to their resources (maybe literally maybe just with a bribe), capturing them ecc. ecc. and if meddling with humans in general may have effects both positevly and negativly on the players (so humans like a resource that the player can choose to gain or spend, just like gold).

Another thing that i would like them to talk about more is the concept of the Ages and how time effect not only players but also the world surronding them (for example a settlement becoming a town, technology advancements, discovery of new types of magic/spells, the birth of new ideologies and so on)
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