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Nov 8, 2020
My first though is that controlling pre-placed traps is not enough as a dungeon master, especially when this is abusable out of the gate (players can select overly friendly or overly harsh GMs to cater to their style), doesn't have incentive attached at this time (ie, why not have an AFK DM?), and there's not enough agency in there.

Additionally traps have 2 issues: 1 they are too telegraphed and easily avoided at present, 2) they are not telegraphed enough. Even if the DM can place the traps custom that eliminates the players just memorizing where they are on a given tile, but doesn't do anything for the other concerns.

Being able to spawn certain units and command them to use abilities, and spawn special mini bosses they can control seems like a must (though this would mandate the DM have the game) installed. It also would give us a way to hunt/raid our fellow players! :D (opt in only, with incentive)

I would also recommend secret ballots as a need for implementation for narrative direction.

This works as follows in some examples:

Player spares X NPC that begs for their life, vote NPC later rewards them narratively or financially, vote NPC later attacks them as a random mini boss but drops loot, allowing the player to be rewarded differently. The player and audience doesn't get to see the result immediately, creating greater immersion/engagement.

Two major undead clans are warring at the end of an age. Vote: side A is given more territory, Side B is given more territory, Both are affected by an external threat that damages both of them, no progress is decisively won/lost on either side, etc. etc. The point being nobody knows the vote turn out till we log in that day and experience how that affects the new age.

These are just two examples of how a secret ballot can affect not only the narative and game direction, but also audience and player engagement.
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