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Mar 30, 2019
Hey everyone,

I've been thinking about potential ways that Deadhaus could have some overarching meta gameplay, such as a faction war, for some time now. On yesterday's stream Denis answered a question about the Elder Gods. He mentioned that they all have their own hierarchy system and politics, which got me thinking...

I was hoping there would be some sort of strategic element in Deadhaus. Or maybe a power struggle of some sort, where the community's general involvement as players would influence the balance of power. It makes a lot of sense.

The first example I could think of was For Honor's faction war, where the three factions, Vikings, Knights, and Samurais all struggled to conquer territories over the seasons. Whatever faction held more territories over a week would get a pip, and whichever faction had the most pips by the end of a season would win that season.


But that's something that others have done already, so I was thinking about things unique to Deadhaus.

There is an element that has been present in all of Denis' games: the gods themselves. You are a puppet of one in Blood Omen. You are a puppet of 4 in Eternal Darkness. I believe they had their influence in Too Human as well. Even though it's someone else's story, even Metal Gear talks about divine influence sometimes.

And something that crossed my mind multiple times when thinking about the Houses themselves is that they all look like different races, and it could even be taken into consideration that they are controlled by individual gods, played on the map of Nogosaua, like a board game of Call of Chthulu, where the gods are the players themselves.

What if there is a representation of Nogosaua in DHS as a playable world where all Elder Gods are trying to achieve supremacy? And what if the tips of balance can be changed according to the players' actions in the game? Such as completing missions, going through raids, slaying powerful individuals (such as, maybe, even some Elder Gods themselves), and playing PVP?

The results from such events could shift the story of the game and influence what new threats will be coming to the world. It could function like real world politics, where countries ally and fight against each other at some point, only to become mortal enemies at another Age due to some differentiated philosophy or power play.

There are a lot of adjustments that would be necessary and well-thought mechanisms to prevent one power from completely dominating all others. Also, there are some issues that can happen if the system is not well crafted.
For instance, in For Honor rewards are given to all players who participated in a given season. But the faction who wins the power struggle in a season gains more rewards. As a player, you can switch factions freely, but you don't get rewards if you switch factions mid-season. But the issue here is that if there are less players playing on a particular faction, that faction will rarely gain the best rewards... And if a player loves one particular faction but gets "punished" for focusing on it, that's not a nice mechanism.

But I won't get anymore specific than that because it would heavily depend on what the game will have to offer in other areas.

It's just a concept, but a concept that you might want to take into consideration for a potential meta game in the future of Deadhaus.

Would anyone else like to add to this?
this was an idea i had thought up that would help make a diablo style game more interesting, but it COULD work for DHS.
it would be based off the simple concept of tug-o-war (of course it would have to be expanded to include all the differnet houses)

but here was what i was thinking for a simple good vs evil (diablo setup)
to make it simple ill just include 7 zones
Good 1, G2, G3, N, E3, E2, Evil 1

Good 1and Evil 1 are completely protected (un-claimable by the other side) they also have the strongest creatures/bosses for their side. (Best loot if you can get to them)

each week you take a tally of (boss kills, objectives taken, ect) for the zone furthest from you. in this example they would be fighting over Neutral. both sides would have a Boss type in that area of equal level due to being the same distance from the home side.
can only claim 1 teritory per week to move you closer to the other side.
we will say that Good wins week 1
G1, G2, G3, G4, E3, E2, E1

the loot may be smaller for G4 but will be easier to defeat that the E3 boss.

Players May travel "deeper into enemy teritory" having to fight their way through scaling higher and higher as they progress deeper with bigger rewards.

could also do something along the lines of only certain missions will be availible IF your side controls the area. and maybe certain iteoms only drop off certain bosses... so say Zone X is controlled by faction A, they cannot gain said item. but faction B can... but in doing so ( a good item drop) they end up taking said zone.. at which point their leader now controls it... giving them access to zone quests, and giving faction A a chance at the same item from their boss.

again it was a thought, not fully fleshed out but i felt i would be something to give players something to work torwards or give reasons to go to other zones.
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