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Zorins Treat
Sep 11, 2021
In the radio play for the Banshee, Alaric encounters the extremely hard stone that has magical markings/runes.

Given how the radio play describes the events, I have a suggestion for the origin/nature of the material.
I believe the material could be some form of meteoric stone with very magickal properties. This idea comes from the idea
that the markings are a sort of magickal inscription or spell which, when activated (via dawn's light) send power through
the stone, allowing for the creation of a doorway. Combining with the celestial origin is the concept of space and
sub-space/dimensional pockets, which were also described in the radio play, as the inside was much larger than the outside.

With this basis, I propose that the stone is celestial or meteoric in nature, accounting for alternate planes and spaces which
are also suggested by the introduction of other Hauses, (such as Angels/Celestials and Elder Gods). Historically, in real life,
meteoric metals and stones have been associated with significant magical power, and in the modern day, we find that they
are extremely durable and in many cases highly reactive or conductive.

We could then propose that these materials originate from crashed meteors and perhaps even where there are weaknesses
in the boundaries between Malorum's plane and a celestial plane. The materials themselves could be highly conductive for magic,
operating in a similar capacity to their real world counterparts, such as rare earth metals. Mastery over these could allow for
advanced technologies suggested in the lore of Malorum and by Denis, also allowing for the precision not achievable by mundane implements.

Three material types could be:
Stone: Highly durable to physical damage, and very magically conductive, requiring extremely focused magical power in order to
properly manipulate and shape. Otherwise it would absorb the magic by spreading the "force" over its surface area.

Metal: Highly conductive material which can act like magic wiring and channel magic through the blades of weapons, empowering them.
Additionally more durable than planet-bound metals, (imagine Titanium). Armor made from it could channel magic around it, much like
how a lightning rod would work, and how armor was designed to transfer the force of a blow around the user, minimizing damage.

Crystal: Able to store quantities of magical energy and glow. Can operate as light sources and magical cores, supplying power to other
systems in a device. Also capable of storing souls or soul energy. Additionally can be used as focusing implements in order to create
magical beams, capable of shaping and cutting the previously mentioned stone. Purity level can affect how much energy can be stored,
how finely magic can be focused, and brightly they could illuminate the surrounding area.

I could provide additional scientific properties which could further support these, if anyone likes, but for now I think this creates a base-line
for the idea.
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Jul 1, 2020
I'm not sure how i miss this, but this was definitely worth the read and deserves way more interaction from the community.
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