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Mar 30, 2019
Hey everyone,

Denis has mentioned multiple times that stream viewers may be able to interact with the players by taking the roles of various characters... such as merchants. He also suggested that viewers might be able to interact by controlling the voice of the characters. Speaking on their phones, or microphones, and coming off in the game changed via Modulate.

While you could easily imagine that there are multiple merchants throughout the world that you might meet, and that each of them have their own voices, looks and personalities, I thought of something that could justify having a single appearance, or a limited set of appearances, yet having multiple personalities and voices.

DHS will have various supernatural entities, some of which are gods or other divine beings in their hierarchy.
Imagine a powerful and mad entity that lives for bartering. This entity can be in multiple places at once and, like Nyarlatothep's Thousand Forms, has multiple minds that kind of function on their own. As a mad god, his many fragments of consciousness that he segregates between his various apparitions each think they are an individual being, and compete to acquire money and artifacts that they showcase and gloat between each other.

Stream viewers could take control of those individual parts of this mad merchant god and interpret them. Maybe even be permanently attached to one of his "forms", allowing streamers to have their own inventory of goods or coin mounts, that grows every time they reprise their role as merchants. :)

DSMI = Deep Social Media Integration.
A devil looking to make a deal, love it.
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