At Apocalypse Studios, we believe collaboration with players is a key component in creating memorable games. As Deadhaus Sonata is a story-driven game, we encourage our community to participate by crafting stories of their own. This is the first step to fostering a collaborative fiction project that will ultimately contribute to the development of the game. Here follow some of the community submissions we have received so far.

Today’s community submission is written by @derula and voiced by Big Haddy, Shinybri, Faceless Mike, and Golden Xan. It is titled, The Account of Dr. Leopold Narret, and tells the tale of a psychologist’s recordings of early witnesses to the undead.

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Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack

I am not going to lie.......That was was totally amazing. We are not worthy. Really great job everyone it sounds so good. This is an amazing project and happy you all implemented it.

Can't wait to hear the rest of these. Now I feel even more pressure for my recording. ugh
Fantastic job everyone! @Faceless Mike and @Big Haddy you were amazing, I'm absolutely speechless. @shinybri that role was LITERALLY made for you, though I would have never expected you to be actually playing it. @Golden Xan you are a legend, and the amount of effort you invested into getting this character right is truly inspiring.

It's hard to express how much this means to me. I've always had a desire to create, but I'm always hindered by my lack of intuition. I'm good at structure, logic, patterns, etc. I can't create visual or acoustic art from scratch very well, I mean I technically can but it takes forever and is very frustrating for me. That's why I became a software developer, because there, you can create using nothing but logic and order.

Writing is a passion I'm chasing sometimes, and is much easier for me to do. My writing tends to follow concrete structures and carefully planned progressions, because those things are much easier for my brain to process. I enjoy creating, and of course there's always the odd online friend who tells me they really like something I wrote. Seeing my creations being brought to life in this way, though, is an entirely different level of recognition.

I'm currently trying to get back the stories I published on my blog back in Denis's previous company's community. I was reminded of the fact that there was a full arc of three different story lines that all merged in the end. Since it was supposed to be an ongoing story, there isn't really an ending, but I thought maybe they could make an interesting whole anyway. If anyone is interested, I could publish this somewhere here, even though not really DHS related.
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