The Tristburg Anthology

The small town of Tristburg was of little historical significance. As such, it isn't talked about as much today; modern maps omit its name completely. Not even the foul creatures of Deadhaus show any interest in the ghost town today, for it holds no treasures, no ancient secrets, no economical advantages. Nor is it positioned in a strategically important position. So it is no wonder that people have stopped talking about it.

However, as a connoisseur of weird tales myself, I have been collecting stories, be they fictional or factual, of, about, or referencing this forgotten town. The Tristburg Anthology shall be the legacy of my strange fad. It is by no means finished; new stories will be added as I discover them. If you please, you may use this space to indulge in conversation about any of my findings. I may also use it to publish partial stories I have not yet managed to secure in their complete form, to gauge interest and adjust my priorities in finding the remaining pages.

It is my aspiration to find some like-minded individuals who will share my enthusiasm about these tales. Or maybe some of you know of works I have not yet come across, and can point me in the right direction. Finally, if you find a story worthy of inclusion into this collection, this will be the place to share it and ask me for a review. For now, please refer to this index for a list of what I managed to compile thus far, and which stories I am still seeking to unearth:
  1. The Account of Dr. Leopold Narret
  2. Diary of a Nobleman (preliminary title, gathering interest)
I am looking forward to sharing my newfound passion with you.

Golden Xan

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Mar 30, 2019
Hey derula, let's get to it:
My focus in my first story was on imitating Lovecraft's writing style, but of course, the early 1900s are not the Middle Ages. That said, without some more particular feedback it will be hard for me to know which parts of my story may have violated the setting. Which also lowers my motivation to write more, because to me it seems like a big gamble. I like my story for what it is, I am very proud of it, but for all I know, it might be impossible to even duct-tape it into the lore.
Do not be discouraged because of that. Your focus was achieved and I could tell as soon as I started reading it. I can give you some small examples of anachronism in the story: the main character was equivalent to a psychiatrist, he had a complex understanding of human physiology and mind, used words for concepts quite modern and thought alike to someone from newer times. The people where also expected to voluntarily attend to the clinic.
I get the feeling that the Thacean Empire is somewhat zealoty, though I may be wrong. And I could also be wrong about this, but I think that in a medieval society where humans are plagued by horrors, they'd be more superstitious, they'd fear things that are different, they'd be suspicious of people with issues like the patients', and they may even just try and banish or burn them for the things they went through.

I like what you said at the end of your quote. Your story is good as it is and you don't have to change it. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

We don't have to necessarily write with the intent of getting each of our articles canonized. In fact, canonization is something that will definitely be very sparse and hard to happen. As you said it yourself, quote below, we can't predict what's going to happen in the game's story and therefore we don't have much to base ourselves on. It's perfectly OK to write things that might have to be reconsidered as new information surges if they are to be eventually canonized or made adherent to the lore. And in fact no published article will be revisited in curation based on information newly released from the game either.

On my own writing of The Binding I made a pig farmer who spoke eloquently and had sometimes deep thoughts about what happened to him. While much of it can be attributed to him having become undead and having time and access to knowledge and perspectives he didn't have before, it still feels like an unfitting thing that would impact its potential for canonization. But that's alright, I still got to practice and think about the subject, I still learned a lot working through it, and now I know that I will do even better in a future piece. The same applies for you. I feel that I have evolved my writing considerably, from the first fan fictions, to the next, to the last. And it can be disappointing to think that something we made to be "insufficient" in a category or subject we thought it was not, but knowing this (and desiring to avoid it) helps us make it better.

Your story has a value of its own for you and others that is not diminished by its potential for canonization, and from what I understood of what you said on this thread here, writing is a newfound passion for you. Let your story be that.

all I'm saying is that the best we as a community can possibly do at this stage is to create high-quality fan fiction. If Apocalypse is hoping for more
To be clear, Apocalypse isn't expecting anything from the community itself. World Anvil is an open platform for us to go crazy and do whatever we think is cool, regardless of the possibility of it ever being canonized. Canonization is going to be something extremely rare, and if it does happen, it will invariably require changes to the original writing (with permission from the author). When curating articles, I don't make any judgement on quality. I'm not even entitled to do such a thing. I only check for adherence to the guidelines, which filters content that cannot be associated to DHS in any way.

You are right, we are doing the best we have access to for now, and this will only get better over time.


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Feb 21, 2018
Thanks for the detailed feedback @Golden Xan, that does help! I will keep it in mind for the next part. And sorry @Meta for derailing your thread a bit, I will not respond there again until I actually read your OP. Sometimes I just ramble when it's past what should be my bedtime, lol. I hope I didn't cause any grief.
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