Introduction to World Anvil
World Anvil is a set of worldbuilding tools that helps create, organize, and store world settings.

With wiki-like articles, interactive maps, historical timelines, cross references and a full novel-writing software, it has many tools for Deadhaus to build and expand its universe for all to see and fear.

For the community, that means Deadhaus Sonata's World Anvil page is going to become a major source of information to understand Malorum better. Players can comment on individual concepts to provide direct feedback to the developers. But it does not stop there. With this initiative, the community can now submit their own articles, art, and concepts, both as an expression of love for the game, and as a way to help grow its complexity by potentially having your submissions turn canon.

Explore Deadhaus Sonata's World Anvil page:

If you are interested in participating, see the instructions and guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines

1) Only English submissions are allowed.
a) In the distant future, more languages may be supported.
2) All content submitted must be thematically fitting with the universe of Deadhaus Sonata.
a) The lore can be expanded, but not contradicted.
b) Articles that create different interpretations of pre-existing concepts may still be approved, but not canonized.
3) The publication of a user-submitted article does not make it canon.
a) Canonization (turning user content into official lore) is a choice exclusive to the Apocalypse team.
b) In the process of canonization, some of the content published may have to be altered. This will be done only with the author's permission.
4) Content NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is allowed to the extent that it tastefully contributes to the complexity of the story.
a) Articles with such content may suffer restrictions or be outright rejected.
b) The categorization of such content is subjective and you may be requested to make adjustments before your article is approved.
c) No pornographic content, visual or descriptive, is allowed.
5) No plagiarism of any kind.
a) If your submission is found to be a copy of someone else's work, blatant or not, it will be rejected.
b) Taking inspiration from, or creating variations of, existing non-copyrighted material and Deadhaus Sonata official lore is allowed.
6) No real life references.
a) No direct or implied reference to individuals, politics, religions, events, or any other element of the real world is allowed.
b) Being inspired by is not the same as referencing, but this is judged at the curator's discretion.
7) All content published will be made publicly available on the Deadhaus Sonata World Anvil page.
a) All content written within the "Deadhaus Sonata" world on the World Anvil platform can be seen by authors of a higher rank while it is being drafted (before being published).

How to participate
In order to get started, you'll need to get a World Anvil account and have your name associated with the Deadhaus page as an author. For that, you'll need to agree with World Anvil's Terms of Service and Etiquette's policy as well as the Deadhaus Submission Guidelines. Follow these simple steps to submit your application:

1) Create a World Anvil account.

If you already have a World Anvil account, you can skip this step. If you do not, visit the World Anvil main website to create one.

How to participate 1.jpg

2) Submit your World Anvil profile name on this thread.

After creating or logging in to your account, you will be greeted by the World Anvil's dashboard. From here, you can start exploring World Anvil on your own, learn its features, and manage your account. In order to associate yourself with the Deadhaus Sonata world, you will need to be manually assigned by someone from the co-ownership team. Copy and paste your username and the link to your profile on a reply below to be added at the first opportunity.
a) Copy the username.
How to participate 2.jpg

b) Reply to this thread and paste your username.
How to participate 3.jpg

3) Once you are added as a Writer, you can then go to the World Anvil dashboard and select the Articles section on the left. From there, you can choose an article category and start writing.

a) Select Articles.
How to participate 4a.jpg

b) Pick a category. This is the layout after selecting "Generic Article."
How to participate 5.jpg

The screenshot reads:
Write and format your content here, and make sure the version you want to submit is final. Once submitted and published, you may no longer edit your article. Some of the tabs you see in this screenshot are going to be different on your end because of your current rank in DHS World Anvil.

The tags and notes on the scrapbook on the right are only seen by you and can be used for personal organizational purposes.

You can click the Preview button on the top right to visualize what your article is going to look like on the DHS World Anvil page.

Once you are satisfied with your article, click on the "WIP" gear icon on the top right corner of this workspace to set this article as "Done."
When you are ready to have your article curated, go to the respective forum thread to inform that your submission is ready. Save your articles on your own computer before submission so that you may keep them in case of deletions or issues.

c) Click the WIP gear icon on the top right section of the workspace once you are ready to submit your article for curation.

b) Finally, to inform the team that your submission is ready to be curated, visit the
World Anvil Articles For Curation thread and inform your article name, category, and any other relevant information.
Once published, you will not have the opportunity to edit your article, so make sure the version submitted is final. If your article is deleted, it will be lost forever, so make sure to save a copy on your own device.

How to participate 6.jpg
Note: If you have questions about World Anvil or how to use it, refer to the World Anvil community.
First, you can check out the following article: WORLD ANVIL TUTORIAL: THE CREATE INTERFACE QUICK GUIDE.
And watch this video:

If you still have issues, you can join the World Anvil Discord and ask the community for help or look for information on their YouTube channel.
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How the heck do we get pictures with our works? It says there is a built-in "library" somewhere... but I can't find where on earth to actually upload the things to.
How about lore that is meant to be penned by unreliable narrators?
I would say this is one of the elements that expand lore, rather than contradict it. A potentially reasonable interpretation of variation of something. The contradiction of lore is going to be considered mostly on significant elements, such as vampires drinking orange juice instead of blood.

How the heck do we get pictures with our works? It says there is a built-in "library" somewhere... but I can't find where on earth to actually upload the things to.
In World Anvil, images have to be added separately to your library beforehand, and then associated to the article itself.
I do not have the "images and files" button the guide shows
Oh damn, I see. It seems the Writers' permissions are quite limited. It's not ideal, but as a makeshift solution for now you can send whatever image you want added to me and I will try and attach it to your article. This is something I will be noting to inform the World Anvil people to make improvements in the future.

Would love to be added as a writer. UN: Rx_Bishop_MD