Havoc And Malice
Old World
Jun 5, 2021
What types of items are available in the game? For example, weapons, armor, currencies, quest items? Will weapons, and armor drop from enemies or will they be given as rewards, or found, or crafted, or purchased from NPCs? Will items be upgradeable, tradeable? How will inventory be managed? For example, will certain items take up more space in inventory than others? What kind of items can our characters carry on hand with them? Will there be unlimited space to store items? I'm not sure if any of this information has been released yet. I have not been able to find any information on items with the exception of tarot cards. These are the kinds of things I'd like to know. Thank you.


Mallius Odium
Old World
Mar 16, 2021
What Denis has said on the livestreams is that he doesn't like games that have a very heavy/invasive inventory management system, to the degree you have to take significant time out of playing and enjoying the game just to set yourself up to continue on your way. He also mentioned he doesn't like it when inventory space is so precious that you might see something you want to pick up but you don't have room for it and you have to make the video game equivalent of Sophie's Choice.

From that we might infer that managing inventory will be straightforward, simple, and easy, and also that if there are inventory caps, they'll be pretty high so you won't have to tear your hair out trying to decide what gets picked up and what gets left behind.