What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

What is your favorite Legacy of Kain game?

  • Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Legacy of Kain: Defiance

    Votes: 1 11.1%

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Golden Xan

Mar 30, 2019
My first contact with the Legacy of Kain universe was through Soul Reaver. At that time, it was a differentiated game in my eyes because you got to play as a vampire. And a vampire of souls at that.

The game started out with an exciting cutscene that set up the tone of the game and prepared me for a deep dive. Pun intended.

The game developed in surprising ways by having us acquire interesting abilities throughout the story, an unusually open world, very detailed lore, extremely well-done narrative, and considerably powerful horror. I got to finish the game without ever finding a single magic power. :p

I became enamored of the world. Raziel was an amazing character. His story of vengeance was captivating. I didn't get to finish the game until Soul Reaver 2 came out. I got it as a birthday present. Soul Reaver 2 was initially a disappointment for me because the combat changes made it awkward. I couldn't get used it, couldn't get past it. I had to return it.

However, as time went on I came to know Defiance, and I later found out about Blood Omen. I had a CD from a magazine with demos of horror games. Blood Omen was one of them. I only paid attention to it because of its subtitle. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. The connection intrigued me. I tried it out, and I loved it.

Blood Omen was considerably dated by the time I decided to play it, but it felt timeless. The story told as a narrative from the main character was absolutely incredible. The voice actor did an amazing job. I played Blood Omen knowing that Kain was the villain in Soul Reaver. Seeing that forming throughout the story was very interesting. The most interesting aspect was seeing how Kain's personality developed as he experienced more as undead. He gradually became the character in Soul Reaver, but was also more... Very unique on his own. The best character development I ever saw in any game.

Blood Omen was good for a number of reasons, however. It was extremely complex for a game of its time. In-game climate changes, time lapses, very creative storyline, somewhat non-linear story development, lots of secrets, lots of content to unlock, lots of weapons, lots of powers, lots of enemies, challenging and alluring.

A bug skipped a section of the game for me. I was in a hell-like place and ended up dying. I got transported to another region entirely and couldn't find my way back to where I was. I couldn't start the game from scratch just to get there again. :p

No matter. I connected with Raziel more easily than I did with Kain, but Kain turned out to be even more complex and powerful in the end. Exploring the world of Nosgoth through Kain's eyes in Blood Omen was an experience that I will never forget.

After finishing it, I went through Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, and then Defiance in order to see how it all ended. Having known Blood Omen, the series became much more interesting for me. I neglected the awkward controls of Soul Reaver 2 and paid a lot of attention to the scenery and the lore then. A truly epic series.

I then decided to try out Blood Omen 2... But the narrative was not its strong point and the characters weren't as interesting and they looked far too different for me. Frankly, it felt like a rip-off to some extent. I didn't bring myself to finish it.

There was another game in the Legacy of Kain universe, but not a traditional singleplayer story. Its name was Nosgoth, and it was an asymmetric PVP multiplayer F2P game. Soon after finishing Defiance, I learned of its development. I was very excited about it and participated in its community and development as much as possible. It was an incredible game, even in its beta stages, but ultimately bad decisions from the publishers and greediness led the game to be canceled, as some other LoK games were.

My favorite Legacy of Kain game is, then, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, because of its wonderful storytelling through voice acting, character development and how elevated it was on so many levels when compared to most games released around that time.

What is your favorite game in the Legacy of Kain universe, and why? Tell us your story!


Newly Dead
Oct 24, 2018
My favorites are the first entries of each series: Blood Omen and Soul Reaver. Blood Omen was quite dark and complex for its time and so was its main character, many find him to be less relatable compared to Raziel but I think that's mainly because Raziel seems to be written precisely to be more easily relatable while it seems the writters of BO had other ideas when creating Kain. I like both Kain and Raziel but I like Blood Omen Kain more, while Raziel I only like in the first Soul Reaver but in later games he started to annoy me.

I also think Blood Omen 2 is underrated, the main plot and narrative were straightforward but instead the game had more subtle details and side stories that weren't relevant to the plot but helped give the game's world more substance, like when you pass by some NPCs talking about how their relative went missing after talking openly against the Sarafan and how you could stay near and hear entire conversations like that. And I did like the bold sci-fi touches too.
Also the gameplay was better to me than Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance, with better controls for the PC ports.


Havoc And Malice
Mar 20, 2019
My favorite is Soul Reaver with Blood Omen being a close second. I love Kain but Raziel is just more to my liking and his best game was the first one.

Maine-iac Gaming

Vampire Scholar
Mar 27, 2019
The original, blood omen. I loved the opening cutscenes. The game had me interested right from the start and I was curious as to what was coming next. The voice acting was amazing. With every new item or scene brought on a descriptive dialogue. I had never played anything like it at that time. I was actually disappointed when Soul Reaver came out because it was not a direct continuation of Blood Omen. I did enjoy Soul Reaver 2 quite a bit, the twist at the end. LOK is still one of my favorite gaming series.


Newly Dead
Nov 6, 2018
ICELAND! No not really though...
Despite having some issues here and there I would have to say Blood Omen.

Soul Reaver honestly was just not that different or interesting all things considered...

Technically it was different, but in spirit Blood Omen has all the essence of what makes a kind grim medieval European sorta fantastical story tick.

That's one of the reasons I'm glad there's Deadhaus... because it's closest to that style....

I always s wondered actually a lot about Blood Omen 2for that reason... but I feel like that game they kept announcing stuff that made it feel
Blood Omen 2 but it never really got there.... so I ended up passing on it.
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Jan 23, 2020
Blood Omen was my favorite because it was the first dark setting in a game I ever experienced. I loved playing Kain as he went from hating his curse to slowly enjoying his vampirism more and more. I also really enjoyed making little stories about the world, like why were there people chained up in the brothel, and why were the soldiers in Avernus not attacking the demons, that sort of thing. It gave a great primary story but left a lot for the player to wonder about as well. The voice acting was another first for me . The actors gave the feeling of being their characters instead of just reading lines which is all I had known back then.
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Varik Keldun

Havoc And Malice
Jan 10, 2020
My favorite game in the series is Blood Omen 1 - the detailed descriptions, the assortment of items, and the dark fantasy setting all drew me in originally.

My favorite character in the series is Raziel - i was a big fan of the tomb raider series before Soul reaver came out and I did love the phasing system. this made it a great platform puzzle game like tomb raider but with quite a bit more depth - having to go through 2 worlds at the same time.

Fav. to least fav. BO1, Defiance, SR1-SR2, BO2

Worst game BO2 - over all just seemed disconnected from everything else in the series, unlike the other games it was set in a thriving style world with bigger cities, the story was to straight forward. puzzles were way to basic. descriptive details are not there. combat system felt laughable, and Kain doesn't feel like Kain. (i honestly feel like kain straight from the crypt in BO1 would beat the crap outta kain from BO2)

Worst feature - combat: this is actually for all 5 games. all the enemies aside from boss fights just seemed too basic they have a single standard attack.... and all seem to just die in 2-3 hits which is way to repetitive no real tactics needed. just seemed easier to avoid most enemies unless they were needed to open a door or something.
----In D&D your enemies have quite a few different skills to use up their sleves, can use tactics / enviorment.
----in RTS games Starcraft / warcraft / age of empire ect... lots of dif. units who excel in different areas that counter things.
----Dark souls enemies have different style timed attacks that make you learn or be punished rather than just run at them and swing.
--- first person shooter games : rainbow six / black ops. use cover and terrain.

I only ever got to play the Demo for SR1 on one of the playstation magizine demo disks they sent out. and never fully played the series till i found out they made 5 games in the series total... bought em all on steam and it was a pain to get them rolling - only to play with keyboard at the time. (this has been resolved and i can use controller now yay)
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