Denis Dyack

Denis Dyack

Initially, I admit, had mixed feelings about the Wight after seeing the early concepts. I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing a creature/construct. But after pondering it last night, even though I still belong to team vampire, the wight has quickly grown into my second favorite class! I really feel like you guys made a solid choice in your approach to the Wight's design and lore.

Ugh, if only this game were coming out tomorrow lol Keep up the good work! I seriously cannot get enough of Deadhaus Sonata!!!
Remember that post I did about the Ghouls modifying their bodies by adding on additional body parts and maybe some day some player (cough, cough, yours truly, cough) might make theirs look like Melchiah from Soul Reaver?

I think the Wights will get there first🤩🤩🤩.
Well, finally the revelation. I have so many questions about them that i don't even know where to begin. Just to mention some that i'm thinking about:

How did humans by themself manage to accomplish a feat like this? Artifitial souls? just from alchemy research? I would not be surprised if Liches were involved somehow

How do they sustain themself? i mean, is there something that keep them going or they can just exist and be fine (well exept their flash decaying maybe)? I assume that their power source is either the magic cointeined in artifacts or maybe other beings souls (essance is their strongest attibute after all)

Also since their soul is artificial what would happen if they are destroyed in all their aspects(magical, phisical, essential)? Would they behave like any other soul?
If the alchemists created them with some crazy trick like fusing multiple souls together with alchemy would they be destroyed? Divided? Turned in something else? Also the big guys up there (yes i mean gods), how do they manage this shit? If hell and heaven do exist (with possibly a multitude of other afterlife dimensions) than what exactly happens when these things "die"? This and meddling with something like souls (and their nature) could potentially bring a lot of "attentions"...

For now anyway i want to add that, aside from the design which is really horrifyng, i like that these things are both an original Deadhaus idea among several iconic monster types and at the same time they are a cool tribute to a classic of horror literature (i'm talking about Frankenstain of course).

Also this is the only class that is 100% artificial (like a flash robot/golem) in every aspect of it, essence magic and body. In this regard it's ironically fitting (and to me it makes sense) that they are the most interested to phylosophical matters like the concept of "existance" itself.