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Mar 30, 2019
Hey everyone,

Here is a summary of every major aspect mentioned in Deadhaus Sonata Year-End Review video on December 2, 2020:

- @Cat2D worked with Denis at Silicon Knights a long time ago, and she returned to work at Apocalypse Studios in the management of the community and social media. (~24:00)

- Cat is one of the many people who will be joining them in the New Year and there are quite a few other people lined up for that as well, but they did not specify what kind of event will this be. (~25:00)

- Denis has also mentioned that next year will present a lot of crazy new things in Deadhaus. Massive changes will be occurring, in comparison to what we've seen this year. Likely, they already have many things being developed behind the curtains that will be ready or revealed next year. (~25:11 and ~52:00)

- The radioplays were an attempt at explaining the narrative-driven approach of the game. (~27:50)

- Deadhaus will present puzzles with time-of-day and moon cycles interactions, similarly to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. (~28:50)

- The first gameplay videos they show might be shown underdeveloped (without textures, for instance) in order to make sure people understand they do not represent the final look of the game. (~30:33)

- Question: "With there being many oceans and seas in Malorum, can we expect that there will be ocean missions of some kind?"
Answer: This hasn't been discussed and is TBD. Eventually, probably yes, initially, likely not. (~32:56)

- Question: "Some games allow people to make their own story by having a big and open sandbox environment, sometimes with scripted events or quests, sometimes not. Other games allow you to follow a specific story that is give to you. What is the case with Deadhaus Sonata? And can we expect to try and be able to forge our own paths with our characters, with them eventually becoming meaningful individuals in the world in the way we may or may not seek?"
Answer: There's generally beats in every story, and their idea is to take them and see how they can pottentially interconnect together and form what would be an adventure. This can ben done with almost anything, they have made tests with D&D modules, it's possible to do with LoK stories, where you take the main things that happened and order them in different ways, but essentially in the same narrative, and then procedurally generate things in the middle to mix it up. What this means is that whether players or the developers create stories, you create those main story beats and then have the procedural generation create the rest. People will be able to create cinemas, and they are working on these features right now. If you play with a group, you'll all experience things together, but if you play again there will be slight differences to the experience. With persistence and interactive streaming things are going to change even further and layers will be created that will mix up the stories in even further ways. (~35:47)

- For the content creation features, they do not want people to have to open third-party softwares to work on them. That is to say, creation of content should be handled in-game. The features are also focused on less technicality and more skill in whatever kind of content you are trying to create, such as storytelling or map/level editing over mastering a tool. (~40:27)

- They intend to create certain "things" that they believe would become holy grails of videogames, if they can pull them off. They did not delve into the details. (~41:40)

- They have curating mechanisms planned to filter content created by the community, one of which is community votes, and they do not underestimate the amount of bad content that will be put forth, but they also believe that in the quantity and cooperation, really amazing pieces will be revealed. Through time and iteration, they believe some concepts created by the community will be even better than what the developers can make by themselves, and would eventually be integrated as cannon lore. Denis used examples such as the story in Game of Thrones TV show, where the community was not only guessing where they were going with the story but also making better endings, and SCP Foundation, which is an initiative that has many crappy stories, but some that are really amazing after many contributions. (~42:42)

- Question: "Let's say there is a major questline that everyone goes through. If there are multiple endings to quests and players can choose which path to take, how will you define which is the "official" path where the story went to when creating future content?"
Answer: Big Data. They will look at the Big Data and see what most people did and what they went through, and make juxtapositions of where they want things to go. (~47:51)

- Disney should decide what happens in Deadhaus Sonata. (~49:00)

- Since there are 5 weeks on December, they will be having 5 streams. The next one, December 9, will be the radioplay Of Wraiths - I. The week after that, December 16, they'll be having the special guest @George Ledoux joining them and talking about voice acting. On December 23 they will be buying a bunch of merchandize and giving it away for Christmas. December 30 will be the Ghoul art reveal. (~50:00)

- @Elveone said on the comments: "When you are dealing with Big Data, I think it's important to keep an eye out on the outliers, the people who can do outstanding things." On that, they said they will be taking notice of amazing feats and acknowledging them in the game, and they have encouraged people to attempt them. (~52:50)

- Question: "How much content do you intend for it to be playable in the First Age?"
Answer: We'll have to wait and see, but could be anywhere between 6 and 15 hours worth of playtime narratively. But there will be a lot of replayability, some of which they should be talking about next year. (~56:10)

- Question: "Will there be exclusive missions/storylines for each class or House?"
Answer: Yes, there will be. There are origin quests for every class. (~59:32)

- Question: "If you play with multiple classes, will you go through storylines that you already completed with the previous characters you played with?"
Answer: That is inevitable and efficient. You also have the possibility of sharing your stories with your party in some level. (~1:00:33)
- The Founders Packs are going to be reworked, and they are considering whether they should add more content for the packs next year or scrap the ones already existing and create new ones for this new stage. (~1:02:00)

- Question: "What can you buy, if the game is not pay to win?"
Answer: At the very least, cosmetics. (~1:04:15)

- Question: "If you create a new character of the same class as one you played before, will the storyline be the same for that character or will it always be a new kind of experience?"
Answer: At the very least, if you make different choices, the experience will be new. You always start small in the game and they are considering having multiple origin stories depending on the choices the player make.(~1:04:40)

- Question: "Will NPCs join in parties for specific missions, such as Zorin joining a raid?"
Answer: Potentially, yes. Right now the game is setup to have 6 players together, but depending on the technology they may be able to have thousands of players joining a battle. At the very least, simulations of large battles ought to be present. (~1:06:00)

- Question: "Will there be any kind of in-game content planned for high-level campaigns? Such as Diablo has Nephalem Rifts and Raider Rifts with seasonal leaderbords, and like World of Warcraft has Raids, Mythic Dungeons and Arena seasons, anything like that."
Answer: Yes, the idea is keeping the game fresh so that even if you reach "max level" you will still have interesting discoveries and activities to go through. In January, depending on how things go, they might give us an early sneak peak on some of those principles. (~1:08:10)

- PVP will include battles for kingdoms and territories. There are many considerations to be balanced given the servers will be open 24/7. (~1:10:20)

- Question: "Will we see simulated wars in the first few Ages, something that would be representative of a PVP-enabled world?"
Answer: They've had simulated wars in many games, including Blood Omen and Fantasy Empires, Cyber Empires. There is no guarantee, but they want to have it in the game. (~1:12:25)


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Sep 9, 2020
Thanks for the quick summary Golden Xan. now i can look here if i ever forget something and can find in a short time without having to go looking for it in the video