1. Dark Entity

    Combat mechanics?

    Hey guys, Wondering how much time has been spent on developing combat mechanics for Deadhaus so far. I truly believe this can make or break a game, and I am curious what the strategy for this is at this time. Has there been any discussion or plans revealed on how the combat system will work?
  2. Bolonha

    HUD Discussion

    Now, onto some food for thought. An aspect that lately I've been paying attention to in general gaming is the HUD, our ever-present head-up display. Certainly one of the most useful tools that the player has at his/her disposition, where the constant feed of information auxiliates in split...
  3. Golden Xan

    [Suggestion] Damage Types & Item Attributes

    Hey everyone, @Varik Keldun previously made a thread about Weapon Types that generated quite a few ideas. I'd like to expand upon some of them and contribute with suggestions, and initiate discussion on this topic. Concept From the little we know of the gameplay so far, we can tell there will...
  4. Golden Xan

    Highlights from Deadhaus' Exclusively Games Mega Interview

    Hey everyone, Recently we were graced with a two hour long interview with some of Deadhaus' developers and Exclusively Games. This is an interview I've been looking forward to watching since a few months ago, and it did not disappoint. Since the interview is far too long, I'll refrain from...
  5. Golden Xan

    New info released: Undead Classes

    Hello everyone, @Denis Dyack informed us on another thread about the addition of a new page on the website: Undead Classes As usual, I'm going to list the most prominent content here and add my own remarks to it. Death as the Undead The death system in Deadhaus Sonata was designed to be...
  6. Golden Xan

    Dream about Deadhaus Sonata's intro gameplay

    Hey everyone, Today I had a dream, and it was about Deadhaus, so I decided to share it here. In my dream, my vision accompanied two men talking to each other walking in a corridor. They seemed to be in a gaming convention such as E3, and one of them worked in Apocalypse Studios. He was...
  7. Golden Xan

    Character Mana Type Speculation

    Hello everyone, I want to share here and talk about some ideas I've had on how each character's mana type might be like in the game. Note that I have no clue as to what they will actually be like upon release and don't even have a reason to believe any of them might be replicated in the game...