Founders Packs

Deadhaus Sonata is a spiritual successor to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It’s a narrative driven action RPG designed for today’s technology medium – a free-to-play single or co-op multiplayer adventure in the world of Malorum with direct integration into platforms like Twitch.

By being among the first of the founders group you can help us build out additional content, get a great discount on our in-game currency (Platinum) that’s used for premium cosmetics, get founders edition weapons and armor as well as help to contribute to the legacy of Deadhaus from the First Age.

Founders packs will be available until October 31st, 2020

Leading on PC and coming to all Platforms.

Participate in the First Age

  • Explore Malorum
  • Discover the Secrets of the Grand Pyramids
  • Create Royal Lineages for All Later Ages
  • Forge Epic Weapons
  • Etch Your Tales Into Stone




• Access to The Second Age
Risen Forum Badge & Discord Role
• Credit for Contributing
300 600 Platinum

$30 USD




Havoc & Malice

• Access to The First Age
Havoc & Malice Forum Badge & Discord Role
Havoc & Malice Limited Edition Founders Skin for Dual-wield Axes (in-game cosmetic item)
500 1000 Platinum

Includes Risen Pack

$50 USD




Legacy Scholar

Legacy Scholar Forum Badge & Discord Role
• Legacy Scholar Armor Skin (For all classes)
• Severed Head of Baron Aoric – Talks to you in-game (cosmetic item)
• Digital Soundtrack
• Digital Art Book
1,250 2,500 Platinum

Includes Risen and
Havoc & Malice Packs

$125 USD




Herald of the Dead

Herald of The Dead Forum Badge & Discord Role
• Herald Armor Skin (For all classes)
• DHS Tarot Deck (or 450 Platinum)
• Necroliberatas – a floating spellbook which speaks
the Scripture of the Dead (in-game cosmetic item)
2,500 5,000 Platinum


Includes Risen, Havoc & Malice,
and Legacy Scholar Packs

$250 USD




Malleus Odium

Malleus Odium Forum Badge & Discord Role
• Hatred Armor Skin (For all classes)
Shield of Lamentation – with an Undead
Prophet speaking Truths of the Dead (in-game cosmetic item)
Hardcover Art Book (or 550 Platinum)
5,000 15,000 Platinum

Includes Risen, Havoc & Malice, Legacy
Scholar, and Herald of the Dead Packs

$500 USD


For any questions regarding founders pack as well as refunds, please contact: