When the Fetid Prince set in motion the rise of Deadhaus, he did so with the patronage of an entity beyond the realm of the living. From the deepest twilight of the realm of the dead, it whispered to him, and a contract was brokered. In exchange for his devotion, the Fetid Prince was granted power over death, and into his service were sent the otherworldly attendants of the ancient one, the Banshees.

Unlike most other undead, Banshees were not once part of the realm of the living. They did not once draw breath, nor were their spirits ever bound by flesh and bone. They are wholly native to the realm of the dead. Before the formation of Deadhaus, solitary Banshees would sometimes cross into the mortal plane, though their motivations, much like those of their master, were unknown. Sometimes they would be heard weeping or singing softly to themselves in the dark. Sometimes they would shriek, as if in terror, but always their presence was an omen of death.

Now the Banshees bring this omen against the enemies of Deadhaus. They are vessels of their ancient master’s power, and through their voices it flows. The song of a Banshee can alter reality, laying terrible afflictions upon the living, or boons upon the dead. Their shrieks can split flesh, shatter bones, and even cleave the soul itself.

Given their origins, they are often sought by other undead for truths or counsel, but they say little of the other side. And if ever a Banshee should be asked of the one she serves, she only weeps, or sometimes sings softly to herself.

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