The Ages System

Forge Your Lineage


Bonuses to Armor and Weapons specifically aligned with that Age that are one-time only.


Start one of the original bloodlines for the Vampire guilds or other classes and lead them to victory.


Define storylines for future players and have them discuss the decisions you made that changed the world.

The Ages system combines several different core pillars of Deadhaus Sonata at a macro level: regularly scheduled content releases, narrative-driven design, and community driven design. Ages will be one of the fundamental building blocks upon which we forge innovative narrative structures for gamers.

We are replacing the common concept of Alphas, and Betas, with Ages. The first closed Alpha from our previous timeline is now called the First Age, and the first closed Beta is now called the Second Age.

With each Age, things will be permanently forged into the world by players, for all to discover and marvel at in later Ages. Once the Age is complete, all of the bonuses and accomplishments will no longer be available. Weapons crafted, stories experienced, undead lineages, and anthropologies will be forever set by those brave enough to participate in the early crafting of the world. Characters’ names and deeds will permanently be chronicled and have lasting effects for future Ages. The effects of each Age are cumulative. For example, a weapon forged in the First Age will become a very powerful relic in the Seventh Age, as it will have all previous Age bonuses and stories.

Guardian of Atan

Though more than capable of traversing the seas between continents, dragons remain secluded in the eastern land of Atan. Whatever motivation hems them in the east is unknown, but they are deeply intelligent beings, capable of judgement and wisdom.

The Ages system offers emergent gameplay and narrative experiences on a macro level, driven by the decisions of players and giving them the opportunity to shape many aspects of the world. The concept for Ages is simple but allows for players to engage in some very deep world-building.

All current supporter packs will give you access to the First or Second Age of Deadhaus Sonata. The First Age will be Primordial in nature with many things new and in flux. Elder gods will walk the planes of Malorum and Deadhaus’ political structures will form.

Lastly, we want to emphasize that we are doing all of this to get feedback from you! Please let us know what you think and if you have ideas about this, do not hesitate to let us know in the forums or discord.