I wrote this months ago, very rough however here it is. I am no writer but I hope you enjoy.

As I walked into the cabin I was greeted by a painting hanging in the back. There was a figure in the painting seated on a throne. The throne appeared to be made of bones. One would expect the bones to be of unwilling victims. My attention was drawn to the figure whom was wearing a dark brown cloak with a hood that covered his appearance. His gauntlets and boots were visible and were made of a red alloy. After accessing the figure I noticed in the upper left hand corner of the painting a wavy distortion. The painting appeared to be calling to me by means of telekinesis however the words were inaudible. As I approached the painting a low pitch buzz began in my ear with a sense of vertigo. As I further approached the painting, at this time in opposition of my own free will, the vertigo intensified. My vision became cloudy and than nothingness.

As I started to be aware of my surroundings I found myself in a corridor. The sound of dripping water around me. The corridor in front of me was lit with torches on either side as to lead me in the direction I was meant to go. So I obliged and started down the corridor. As I did images in the form of paintings appeared to the right of me. Telling me a story from the past, and one I was familiar with. When I was a fledgling my maker told me of an Ancient and Legendary battle between the Mighty Lion and the boy Prince turned tyrant. As I looked closely at one of the paintings I noticed, ahhh the red armor. It would appear the hooded figure had been in League with the tyrant Prince.

As I made my way further down the corridor a chasm appeared. As I approached the chasm this overwhelming sense of hatred came over me. The closer I approached the greater the hatred. I had never felt so much distain for the world, the sensation was palatable. The sense was more of an opposing magnetic force than emotion. As I entered the chasm there he was, the figure from the painting on his throne of bones. There were two skulls on the upper head rest, one on each side both having blood rippling down the eye sockets. Two guards stood on each side of the throne. Both dressed in the red armor, each holding halberds. Their helmets were red with a face shield, two long horns protruding from the sides of the helmet curving forward towards their blackened eyes. Three other horns laid along the tops of their helmets. I could sense the guards wanting to rip me apart and bath in my entrails. However they were chained only by their fear of their master. The cloaked figure final spoke in a low firm voice which resonated throughout my body. "Finally someone worthy of my quest." "What quest?" I asked. The figure answered "to finish a perpetual battle that has lasted since the old world." "You mean from the paintings in the corridor?" I asked with peaking interest. "Yes. I was once human as you were. A solider in a once powerful army whose legion had conquered the land. Our last battle would be against that of the mighty lion. As the battle waged I was mortally wounded and lying on the battlefield. From a distance I could see a vampire emerge from the shadows. His sword engulfed in flame tearing through flesh while setting bodies ablaze. He started to feed on the wounded from both sides. I could see him approaching however darkness had taken my vision. I would wake later surrounded by the dead and those screaming as death approached them. I had initially feared the vampire had changed me however no marks were found. Just this unquenchable feeling of hatred and power. My family and son I thought I may never see again. Fighting a war that the Mighty Lion knew he could not win. My hate for the King and his kingdom has never weaned and I will not stop until his memory is lost to the void"

I knew all to well what the hooded figure meant. Although his transformation appeared different than mine, it seemed to somehow manifest itself through his hatred and blind rage.

He continued with his story. "In time I gained knowledge of this vampire. I also learned something even more interesting. The Mighty Lion's daughter had fallen in love with someone below her stature. The King was unaware of this kinship. The daughter would become pregnant and the King furious and desperate to find whom had defiled his daughter. The princess and her lover would hide the baby boy with a local peasant woman in fear of what the King might do. When the King found out the name of the daughter's lover the King had him killed, dumping his body in the closest stream without his daughter knowledge. The princess started to panic as she did not hear from her lover and fell into a deep depression. Her father the King in a sad attempt to cheer his daughter up for her upcoming birthday decided to have arrange a dollmaking contest so he may present the doll to his daughter on her birthday."

I interrupted, "Well this is all very tragic indeed however what does this have to do with you or me?" Soon regretting my words I felt a wave of energy push me back a few steps followed by, "I WANT THAT BASTARD SON DEAD!" "I was never able to see my wife, my child in this state. They would have never accepted me. I want all of Ottmar's kin slayed." I asked with hesitation, "why don't you finish this yourself?" He responded "in my current state I am out of reach, however I will provide you a location and if you return with his head I can aid you in your quest. I can provide skills beyond your current comprehension. Now go.

And before I could respond I felt the darkness closing in, tinnitus and the vertigo. When I came to I was lying on the cabin floor. I looked to the painting. The painting had changed. The painting was of a village with a Tavern I knew from my travels. This is where I must go to meet the bastard son. I was more curious about this bastard son more than my fear of the hooded creature.........