There is a place, a cursed place where only silence remains. If the birds suddenly stop singing, you should turn around as fast as possible.
In the hollow of a gully, between two mountains, a path flows; Silence on one side and life on the other.
At the end of this long pebbled path is a forest of red oaks.
Only the rustling of the wind in the leaves perfumes the atmosphere with a feeling of peace.

But on the ground, the show is quite different, it is not uncommon to find beings lying in their agony.
They all have one thing in common, they are in the shade of the oaks with their eyes torn out.
But there is life in this blind hell. Bugs abound and reach monstrous sizes.

They surveyed the ground, wandering in the moss, scratching the earth with their gaunt hands in search of mushrooms and roots.
Curled up on themselves, shivering with each step, dreading even the cracking of their joints.
Their skin is covered with a crust of dirt and something slimy, fungal.
Ears straining, listening for the slightest sound. Sniffing to stay away from the stiffs.
These beings, all had the same handicap, absent eyes.
But no tears, no scars, no scratches, their eyes had not been torn out in violence, they had been delicately removed like gems from jewelry. Unlike their hair…

A human camp had survived; if we can still call them humans These survivors had gathered in a mossy cave.
Fire had been banished, but water was in abundance; it caressed every wall of the cave.
It sang, each drop that fell from a wall produced a slight echo, and all together, made a delicate song.
But there was something darker, more pestilential from the bottom of the cave.
Far from the light of the cave entrance, other mushrooms were growing, and they were thriving from a mound, a hill of corpses that littered the ground.
Each human not supporting the horror their life has become, came to rot in the peaceful embrace of this wet and putrid sanctuary.

Thank's to Vesrael for the translation :)


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Hey... congrats again ;) Love this piece, you nailed it with the imagery.
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