Weapon types

Varik Keldun

Havoc And Malice
Jan 10, 2020
we know that dual weilded axes and swords will be in the game but was curious what other types / varieties of weapons would be in the game to add diversity... would there be some weapons that preformed identical to each other but have differnet name / apperance? for example - longsword / katana. (reference this cause D&D usually refreneces these two as the same just themed for setting)

also how will the weapons be balanced to where biggest does not always mean best?
we can take a look back at D&D where a bastard sword just does the most damage for a melee weapon.
in diablo at the endgame everyone gravitates to weapons X,Y,Z because they have the highest ranges or what not. (best in slot gear)

a system where most weapons are feasible late game would be nice. where there is a high variety of customization when it comes to gear rather than be stuck farming for "weapon X" (not the Xmen - wolverine version) because unless you get said weapon your sub-par to those that have it.
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Sailor Midgard

Mallius Odium
Jan 23, 2020
You actually brought up a good point (with the weapon x comment oddly enough). What about natural weapons, like a class that through skill or other things, get longer claws, stronger bites, and that kind of thing?
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Golden Xan

Long Dead
Mallius Odium
Mar 30, 2019
I'd like to contribute with a list of weapons to potentially add to the game itself. If you look up information online there will be many, many weapon variations that were used throughout history. However, most of them are just variants of the same style of weapons, while some are too niche.
Also, considering Deadhaus is a gothic-like world, there might be limitations as to how broad the weapon styles will go to, at first.
I suppose they could include weapon types other than common European ones, and I'd even like to see that to some extent, but they'd need an excuse for it in the story (which is not that hard to do at all).

In any case, here are some concepts worth taking note of:

  1. Melee-focused weapons
    • One-handed weapons
      • Swords
        • Bastard sword
        • Shortsword
        • Rapier
        • Falcon
        • Saber
        • Scimitar
        • Flamberge
        • Backsword
        • Hooksword
        • Cutlass
        • Gladius/Seax
      • Daggers
        • Cleaver
        • Stiletto
        • Dirk
        • Knife
        • Hidden blade
        • Pugio
        • Sica
      • Sickles
      • Axes
        • Hatchet
        • Battle axe
        • Double bit
        • Broad axe
      • Clubs
        • Cudgel
        • Mace
        • Flail
        • Morning Star
        • War hammer
        • Pickaxe
        • Maul
        • Quarterstaff
    • Two-handed weapons
      • Swords
        • Longsword
        • Claymore
        • Swordstaff (possibly with magickal connections)
        • Broadsword
        • Greatsword
        • Estoic/Tuck
        • Double swords
      • Axes
        • Bardiche
        • Poleaxe
        • Long axe (Danish/Viking)
      • Sickles
        • Twin sickles
      • Polearms
        • Halberd
        • Fauchard
        • Guisarme
        • Pike
        • Glaive
        • Staff
        • Trident/Fork
        • Spear/Lance
        • Scythe (definitely has to be in the game xD)
        • Man catcher
    • Exotic weapons
      • Punching gauntlets/Cestus (Especially interesting for Revenants)
      • Knuckledusters
      • Claws
      • Whips
      • Chains
      • Hooks
      • Cat of nine tails
  2. Ranged weapons
    • Bows
      • Longbow
      • Recurve bow
      • Reflex bow
      • Flatbow
      • Decurve bow
      • Deflex bow
      • Shortbow
    • Crossbows
      • Arbalest
      • Hand crossbow/Pistol crossbow
      • Repeating crossbow
      • Siege crossbow
      • Stonebow
      • Gastaphretes
      • Crossbow
    • Slings
      • Slingshot
      • Staff sling
      • Kestros
      • Sling
    • Gunpowder weapons (if present in the game's technological setting)
      • Arquebus
      • Hand cannon
      • Musket
      • Blunderbuss
    • Throwing weapons
      • Throwing daggers
      • Throwing axes
      • Darts
      • Javelins
      • Boomerangs
      • Bolas
  3. Secondary weapon types from other cultures
    • Swords
      • Katana
      • Nodachi
      • Nagamaki
    • Daggers
      • Kris
      • Kukri
      • Maduvu
      • Ring blades
      • Katar
      • Tekko
    • Axes
      • Tomahawk
    • Clubs
      • Nunchaku
    • Exotic
      • Urumi (Long bladed whip)
      • Kusarigama
      • War fan
    • Bows
      • Yumi bow
      • Horn bow (Gakgung)
    • Gunpowder weapons
      • Fire arrow
    • Throwing Weapons
      • Kunai
      • Shuriken
      • Chakran
  4. Magickal weapons
    • Magickal items
      • Rings
      • Scepters
      • Praying beads
      • Skulls
      • Staves
      • Wands
      • Statuettes
      • Tomes/Books
      • Runes
      • Sculpted symbols
      • Puppets
      • Reliquaries
      • Necklaces
      • Bracelets
      • Bones
      • Orbs
      • Gems
      • Dream catchers
  5. Shields
    • Buckler
    • Heater
    • Kite
    • Round
    • Pavise
    • Renntartsche
    • Scuta
    • Oval
Plenty are similar, but have peculiarities that can serve gameplay purposes, or simply to have more variety in the names and categories.

Mostly, I think that, instead of having some categories being better than others in damage, they should all have differences in style or mechanic.
Imagine there are different damage types, such as cutting, piercing and blunt damage. Now imagine that each weapon has a collection of attributes on each of those damage types. Also, weapons have differences in reach, speed of movement, defensive capability and potentially other magickal and essential associations.

Using Varik's example, a Bastard sword could have greater damage, but also be slightly slower when used with just one hand.
A Rapier could have greater penetration, yet be terrible at cutting.
Different kinds of maces could have different levels of blunt and piercing damage.
Different kinds of pole-arms allow you to maintain a greater distance from your enemy, while also limiting your own movements, attacks and damage potentials in different ways.
Scimitars would be faster than most swords, allowing for faster movements, yet having a shorter reach and having less penetration or piercing potential.

With a smart balance, all weapon types can be interesting to use, and considering the weapon type will determine the moveset, there is room for plenty.

If you add to that crafting mechanics, it can add to the complexity, variety and openness a hundred fold.
Adding different damage types also allow you to have weapons that are better for dealing with certain kinds of enemies, while being meager against others, creating the need for variety.
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Varik Keldun

Havoc And Malice
Jan 10, 2020
@Golden Xan Thank you for that post. i was originally intending on making a list of weapon types, didn't have the time to do it but. what you posted is def. along the same line i was thnking.

I'd hate to see a wide variety of weapons established into a game only to have 0.01% of them be used because its the (meta - best in slot item for said class) like you see with so many action games like diablo / poe - yeah there is some variety - but it usually comes down to just a small handful of items.


Havoc And Malice
Feb 23, 2019
I think a good way to balance weapons is similar to what @Golden Xan has mentioned. Have opponents that have resistances to certain types of attacks that can scale. Meaning that a bastard sword can have great slashing damage but if you're fighting a creature with high slash resistance you might want to change to a other weapon type such as a warhammer, use abilities, or brute force it, which at higher difficulty would not be recommended as it takes longer and has more potential for the player to be killed. Have elemental or other affixes that some weapon types are better suited for to get bigger bonuses if crafted. For instance something like poison affixes that can go on any weapon type and add poison damage, but gives bigger bonuses for blades that do slashing damage or spears that do piercing damage and but not as useful for bludgeoning weapons. That way by endgame players would have to have multiple weapons types for the many different types of enemy's and their respective types of resistances.


Herald of the Dead
Jan 18, 2020
What about bloodborne-style "transforming" weapons adopting to your needs or responding to your gameplay?
Also I m a fan of "flexible" weapons (such as whips/chains) and I believe this "mobility" of this particular type could visually portray the weapon being sentient in a really cool way


Havoc And Malice
Feb 23, 2019
I really like the idea of transforming weapons, maybe as unique epic items or part of the crafting system. I would really love if the game featured weapons like whips, especially if they have customizable types while crafting. Things like a razor whip similar to ivy from soul calibur or able to put metal balls with spikes at the end that would make then function similarly but do different types of damage
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Long Dead
Vampire Scholar
Mar 20, 2019
Weapons that are manipulated and directed around the wielder, blocking attacks from enemies while delivering their own (think element bending from avatar, Gara's sand from Naruto, and Byakuya's sword from Bleach).
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