Long Dead
Herald of the Dead
Malleus Monday
OG 2020
Old World
Nov 8, 2020
Wraiths are spectral soul feeders.

The aesthetic is already established and I think it suits well. base design is around the warlock archetype.

Wraith's feed on the spirits released from the living when they die. Wraiths can spec to expand this soul vacuum range and shift it from channeled to reserved toggle. This increases their mana and essence.

Wraiths can phase just their bodies into the non corporeal, eliminating any incoming physical damage at the cost of being still (can be specc'd to slow move) as a channeled ability. While in this state they are considered invisible to enemies and they bleed threat during this channelling. This doesn't however eliminate any supernatural and non physical damage such as void or otherwise enchanted weapons or AoE's that might strike them. This can also be specc'd to shed physical status effects they are under or remove physical entanglement. While anyone can shift states, this isn't a state shift, it's an instant body alteration. This can also be specc'd to become a blink/dimension door type spell instead, and that legit teleports them a short distance so that they aren't invisible but actually changing locations.

Wraiths naturally hover and produce no stealth penalties from footprints, this doesn't need to be reserved, it's automatic, additional flight capabilities can be specc'd and has a reserve cost and should provide more speed than a lich's flight (contrasting their dimension door isn't as good as a lich teleport)

wraiths have blaster spells of necrotic energies that affect mana and essence, as such non-magical armor isn't terribly effective against these attacks. They can drop an aoe of this at higher levels, but not a sustained aoe like a lich might at higher levels. this is in contrast to lich spells which can be specc'd for various and multiple damage types and statuses.

Soul Feasting Touch, the greater wraith can apply a status with touch (and spec into an aura) that the creature, if it dies in 3 or so seconds (pending spec), will summon a shade from the corpse. This does not override or combine with the wight's ability to turn a being into a wight on death, however, the corpse can still be raised as an animated skeleton/zombie by other players if a shade is summoned from it. This does not count against their maximum shades from summon shades and does stack, though these are generally weaker and shorter lasting without appropriate speccing. This also grants them a minor soul feast that they rip from the enemy and can apply debuffs as spec'd. Enemies raised in this way can't be consumed until the shade is killed or it's duration ends.

Summon shade(s) as a spell, summon a single shade, different types of shades can be specc'd into (range blasters instead of melee, heavy tank melee, grenade throwers for aoe, etc.) as well as additional shades making a pet build if desired. Shades have weak health pools but also aren't affected by physical damage, meaning they are either easily dispatched (pending spec) or undispatchable to weaker oponents. They also don't deal physical damage. Shades summoned in this manner can't be consumed as part of their summoning pact (pending spec).

drain life, mana or essence aura (as specc'd), channnelled, could have increased range or toggle.

Fear as a typical spell can be specc'd to be a reserve toggle aura. do note that this will not combine well with the drain aura, but that each has situational uses.

shadow blending as a passive that enhances defenses, moving into shadow makes the wraith not only harder to see but increases their defenses overall, this could be specc'd to be more potent and allow them to summon a shadowy aura.

Out of combat wraiths can summon other players that accept the summon to their location.

Wraiths get a curse of tongues that is a ranged spell interrupt on the target.

Wraiths can sense the living and the dead, giving them a natural enemy and ally radar in their hud that can be improved with spec points (more targets, more range, all party allies always show and don't count against tracked enemies, same with players flagged for overworld PVP).

Spectral chains, the enemy is restrained in place pending they have any essence at all in their pool, if not the spell has no effect. The chains are only visible in the spectral and mana states.