Oct 26, 2023
Texas, USA
Wraiths are the third class I'm most excited for, right after the ghoul.

In what we have of lore, the wraiths are like assassins and spies. They're created from torturing the body then binding the soul. On the class page, it has a slider for stealth and powered.

In the update video made 8 months ago, the wraith wasn't really made out to be that way, and instead assigns the banshee as the assassin class. Denis says that "if you hear a banshee's cry it is an omen of death…" Which makes sense to me. So then what DOES the wraith do?

In the video, they say wraith will do ritualistic torture and crowd control. We can talk about the torture first.
Labeled as "pain magick", I can assume it will have varied spells that pressure enemies and deal damage over time or weaken them. In "Of Wraiths", the soldiers are found with no skin and with cuts directly to their muscles…while they were still alive. I don't know about you, but just hearing that is torture. I doubt there's a spell to flay enemies in game though. If there is, I need it. Otherwise, it would make a cool finisher. Speaking of pain, I hope the wraith wields a knife. I can't imagine a better weapon, other than a whip. These are the two things that come to mind when describing torture. That or some kind of spectral weapon? I suppose not all creatures need physical weapons.
I'm willing to bet that ritualistic torture is going to include a kind of channelled ability that allows you to focus a target to debuff or greatly damage them. I'm not sure what kind of other abilities it may have so I'll move on to AOE.
I'm not sure what kind of aoe a ghost guy will have. One guess is that it opens a portal allowing souls to fly through and damage enemies. Could possibly swing chains around in a circle. Something that would be cool is summoning a chain field that slows and damages enemies. In the radio play, the wraith was connecting enemies with a chain so that whatever happens to one happens to the other. If I do that, then I can use a spell that does a ton of damage and kills one, can I kill the other? Wait, would it be damage or death that transfers to the chained target? Probably not death, that would be overpowered during boss fights.
Also, wraith can still have some sneaky behavior. What it can do is use some kind of stealth to get close enough to connect enemies with chains and get out. Then keep distance and torture them.
I’d still prefer they were THE assassin class, but maybe we’ll get something more unique out of the wraith.

I had this thought right I was about to hit send. In some games, assassins are considered weak with high burst damage potential and stealth or quick engage/disengage abilities. I’ll speculate more on the banshee later, but she could be that assassin class for sure. What if the wraith functions as something completely different? What if they are a class that combines the use of stealth or quick disengage mechanics, but has that crowd control still? So in this case, they exert a lot of pressure from the shadows, then by using connecting chains, can hurt multiple enemies at once from a single attack. Low damage, stealth, crowd control, connecting attacks. This is what true torture is like. You’re haunted by a creature that is slowly draining your life. Spiritual attacks. Small cuts. And now ethereal chains are physically slowing you down. This is true fear.