Oct 26, 2023
Texas, USA
This is a pre-release post speculating on what banshees will be like in the game

Banshees will be my next class that I'm excited about. They're going to be the assassin class, or something similar to it. We always imagine assassins as sneaky backstabbers, but it's likely she will deal high single target damage while doing some kind of debuffs. I get this from the banshee having medium vitality and medium magic with their ability to distort matter.


Banshees will be an incredibly unique class for roleplay and storytelling. Their role as oracles may bring a revered air about them. Keeva is a banshee who we know has worked with the Fetid Prince. It’s possible you’ll get to do very unique quests with her. I’m very curious to see how a player can utilize her oracle abilities, and how it may interact with missions or the overarching story.
A cool mechanic would be having players who play the banshee frequently or have reached a certain level may get previews into an update, and let them be the distributors of information. This would have new or non-banshee players go to banshees to ask what may come to pass.


Banshees are from the land of the dead, but are known to sometimes cross over to the world of the living even before the rise of Deadhaus.
From their native plane, there would be ways that they adorn themselves unless they were entirely nude. But because we have no idea what this realm of the dead is like, what they wore could be completely alien. My best guess is that any material worn was exclusive to that realm, so it should have very special properties.
Any items that banshees recovered for their own uses on Malorum would serve as fine cosmetics as well. Old priestess masks, jewelry, silk robes. These items are not very special but are plentiful and would look good all the same.


In this art, the banshee is shown to wear large golden earrings and a gold lined white robe. Her hands are wrinkled and larger than normal; her nails are more like claws. Her hair is solid black and matted. Her face is bloody. It looks similar to how Keeva is described, minus the billowing.

I feel like the banshee has hardly more potential than the ghoul. I can think of a mask, jewelry, and robes. Maybe I’m not thinking creatively enough. We could give her the ability to change out her claws for cosmetic purposes, so that players can get golden claws or claws that look like they are solid darkness. Four items? Including earrings for humanoid creatures would give another option for a total of five cosmetic slots.


Banshee weapons could lean one way or another. If they are an assassin class, I usually associate assassins with knives. I feel like that would fit in with both the assassin aspect and her “oracle” aspect. I think of oracles as religious figures, and I can see knives being used as a way of performing religious rituals (same as wraiths with their ritualistic torture/ pain magick). Of course, claws could be a weapon. Since both ghouls and banshees have claws, maybe they could share them as weapons?

Traversal/ Exploration

I imagine the banshee will have some incorporeal form. With a banshee’s connection to the god, it would make sense if they could see or understand things that the other classes could not. They may even behave as guides for parties.


I’m hoping that banshees will have the ability to mark an enemy for death as a debuff, since she herself is an omen of death. Maybe omens could be her thing, so that I can get an ability called blood omen as a nod to another game haha. Or a singular ability called omen? Which changes effects based on whether you target friendlies or enemies.
Being an oracle who is able to see the future could have combat uses, like seeing which enemies will come next or what abilities they will use. Or it could function in a way that allows you to dodge all attacks for a period.

I finished this before The Judged and I'm too lazy to add anything else. Hopefully we'll see more of the banshees in action for the radioplay.
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