Oct 26, 2023
Texas, USA
I've played a few games and seen some shows that include liches. They're usually made pretty similarly, being undead creatures that wield magic and inspire terror.


This is the Archlich in the game Skul. This one is aesthetically the best of the examples I have. The skull has three eyes, presumably the third being opened from dark knowledge. It has tendrils coming from a relic on its back, and horns from the head. The design itself is really cool, leaning into a cosmic horror theme. The description says to "follow my command", but in Skul the Archlich does not summon anything. The attacks are also thematically more similar to the wraith, in which it summons chains to attack. I mainly mentioned this one because of how it looked. The purple and gold looks very regal to me. Additionally, the liche’s magic was described as eldritch, which this design partially embodies. I’ll also include Skul’s Abyssal Monarch.


This one was important for a while. I never played WoW though, so don't quote me. One of the most notable things about the Lich King is his spiky helm of domination. He uses this to control his minions and enemies. This item, or something similar, would play really well into the world of DHS.
The Lich King sits on an icy throne, and this has icy spells. If players can use ice magick, have icy cosmetics, and an icy crypt, it would create a really fun roleplay experience.
He also has a spell that creates an infection, a spell which likely already exists in Deadhaus, but is still worth mentioning.
Also, the lich king isn’t solely a magic caster. He also wields a massive frozen sword. While I doubt this will be an option within the game, I think giving the liche a melee weapon in the future would be cool.

Yes, this is considered a children's show, with a more adult spinoff. The Lich from adventure time is downright evil, and may not be a lich at all. He's existed for millions of years, and though he's a magical undead, there's nothing that says he made himself that way. In the wiki it says that he's a "survivor of a time before there was nothing". Maybe he became a lich during that time?
His abilities are very liche-like, however. He is able to possess other people, raise the dead, fly, dominate others with a single word, cast green fire, and passively rot nearby living things.
I'm certain we will see some of these abilities in the game, raising the dead being most important to me. I hope there's a way for me to have green fireballs.


The dragon priests are dragon worshippers in Skyrim. They look the most like how I imagine our liche would look.
Most of them carry some kind of staff that deals damage. Their spells vary from raising undead to fire bolts. Their masks will grant them various bonuses like damage resistance or magic regeneration. While we don't know exactly what will be in the game, a mask will always be a good idea for cosmetics.
Also, if having a fireball, an ice spike, and a lightning bolt would be too many tarots, I vote for a single card called elemental blast. This will give a few options for elemental attacks all in one card. It starts as an attack that bundles the elements. If you put skill points into lightning, it becomes a lightning only card.
Denis mentioned that exsanguinate will work in multiple ways, so maybe this tarot could work the same.


Momonga, or Ainz Ooal Gown, is the protagonist of the show Overlord. I actually really love this anime, and I am planning on picking up the manga at some point. In the show, he is considered a lich. As far as I know, he's the most powerful character in the show. He has some really cool abilities that fit him. I will include a link to the wiki if you'd like to read all of them. A good chunk of his are something relating to his class, race, or job. He has a lot of death and reanimation spells. One of his more powerful spells allows him to kill many creatures at once, then use their corpses to summon high level monsters. He also has numerous instant death spells and with a special skill can even instantly and (semi) permanently kill undead. He also has a set of debuff spells called despair, which causes varying degrees of fear in enemies.
I really like the items that he has and how he uses them. He has numerous rings that buff him or give him free spells. His staff is a very powerful item that is made up of other high powered items. Apparently, it can buff his racial skills (or for us, class skills), summon powerful creatures, and move independently to attack as though it had a mind of its own.


I’m just now noticing a lot of liches are depicted with a halo or a crown, maybe representing ascension? Or just being better than everyone? This is the lich and first boss of Loop Hero. I find the design super cool as he looks like he holds a galaxy within him. One of his names is Omicron, which suits him well. He doesn’t do anything special outside of that.

These are just some ideas for my beloved class. I want to feel awesome, overwhelming, nightmarish, incomprehensible, disturbing, knowledge-obsessed, oppressive, powerful and dominant.

Within the game, I want to be able to have choices between high damage magical abilities and damage that ticks and/or spreads to enemies. It’s almost necessary for spells that raise dead, or create minions. I’d like spells that control enemies or cause them extreme fear. I want mastery of magic, leaning toward necromantic and the eldritch.