What Would You Like To See in the Community Round Table Stream?

Hello everyone!

We are looking to change the format of the Community Round Table stream so each stream is both unique & interesting. We know showing off your forum threads is a great way to show that we are listening to ideas and paying attention to feedback, but we know there are areas we can improve the streams. We'd love to hear what your ideas for the Roundtable streams are, so let us know!
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This isn't quite about the community, but I'd like to see introductions from individuals working on the team, talking about their work, why they chose Deadhaus Sonata, and their visions for the game. Though I understand that some people may prefer to have their lives private, and that is more than reasonable, it is good to hear about people's passion for their work and I expect there must be quite a few of those in Apocalypse willing to share their thoughts.

Also, not sure how feasible that would be, but it could be interesting to set up some community challenges, for different skills. Such as painting, writing... and when DHS comes out, challenges for the community to complete as a whole or individually, in-game. Giving people opportunities to engage with the developers and other players, if they so desire.
I kind of like the current format of the community streams that showcase community content but the problem with them seems to be that either that there's too much or too little to showcase the way you do it right now. For the future I would still want to see community highlights but in a bit of a more curated format - show only what is really interesting and perhaps do it only once in a while in order to get more interesting content from the community. Perhaps in the future do it thematically as well - showcase only gameplay or lore community content that is worth viewing. Perhaps you could also organize community contests in those categories as well. Those lore and gameplay showcases and contests might also include custom player levels and other UGC in the future.

I would appreciate topical Q&A streams once in a while where you gather questions from the community on a particular topic related to the game and then answer them in an organized matter.

I would love to see a type of community stream where you actually showcase the game and your progress on it, also perhaps why particular design decisions were made - I am a sucker for game mechanics in general and would love to follow the mechanical development of the game closely. Of course those streams have to be quite rare as weekly development updates are just not viable and would actually annoy the developers quite a lot.
I would love to see a type of community stream where you actually showcase the game and your progress on it, also perhaps why particular design decisions were made.

That's something I'd like to see, as well.

Also, something else worth mentioning: I don't know about others, but I have felt a lack of depth in the coverage.
When I write a suggestion, for instance, my focus is to try and help the team in the development by bringing in experience or concepts that might be worth considering. But it's difficult to do that when we don't know what you believe is appropriate and what is not. When there's something a little bit more in-depth, the responses are usually that you cannot talk about it. It's only fair, the game is still under development, but with the community-focused approach it would be wise to tell us what kind of content is or is not fitting to be suggested. I would rather hear that my suggestion is crappy or unfitting, and why, if that's the case, instead of anything else.

I suggest:

  • If there is something you intend to cover, read it beforehand and discuss with the team what you can and cannot talk about. Then take notes for "retrofeedbacking", the feedback you'll give to the community about what you're covering.
  • Take the time that we currently have and read through everything that is written in detail. Comment on what can be used and what cannot be used, and why.
  • Point the feedback in a direction that you believe is going to be more valuable to you, if it's an actual game suggestion.
  • If something doesn't sound particularly reasonable, or if it was poorly thought out, I believe it's best to point what issues might arise from the idea so that the person can learn from it and improve. And better help you afterwards!
  • Make people aware of what aspects in the game still needs to be fleshed out the most so that we can focus our efforts on those things.
I believe this will have players feeling they are a part of the development process like this, more so than anything. And it will do justice to what you advertise: a community-first approach, deep engagement.
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To go along with what Golden said about the team member introductions, maybe add in what they do/work on "spotlight" here is Name - one of the model designers or what not and here are some of the things they have been working on.

a community member spotlight could be a thing (would kinda be like the introduction section on the discord) where you say a quick bit about a few of the community members welcoming them to the deadhaus community. (though some people don't like extra attention may want to say "hey can we give ya a shoutout on next round table thanking you for joining the community or something")

as Elveone suggested a Q&A would be nice - give 1 topic for a Q&A each week about deadhaus something you can discuss on the next weeks stream.

maybe add an expanded "look at how we are making (X) in deadhaus" where some of the thoughts from the design / development section is added - its nice to see these updates (weather / lighting / seasonal cycles ect.

community games / events -this would help pull the community closer, maybe have a list of multiplayer style games or events / times people could get together and hook up to play specific games.
Some other class than the Vampire must grab some light.

We agree with this. However, before adding and developing other classes, we want to develop the fundamental framework of the gameplay, not even necessarily class-specific. So you will see the vampire quite a bit for the next little while (sorry) but eventually, we will start to roll out Revenant and Liche footage. I hope that makes sense.