Studying the schools of thought around the Sacred Trinity is wise. Indeed, the physical, the magickal, and the essential are a worthy foundation to build upon, but this is not the path I exhort. Many are those who assault my character as being solely driven by hatred, and although I will not deny that hatred exists within me, I believe it is misguided to dismiss my philosophy as mere rhetoric.

Hear me. We are in a time where everyone lies. Layer upon layer of deception compounds the consciousness to the point where there are so many mistruths that the average individual cannot deal with the cognitive weight of the deception and eventually succumbs to despair and tyranny. There is no hope for the truth has been lost.

Follow me and let the truth be a weapon. We will cut through the lies and show them the way.

We will kill them all.

3:7 – The Scrolls Of Lamentations Ngaztak,
The Leader of the Black Right Hand,
Malleus Odium and Revenant Poe​
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